The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other security agencies have intensified their efforts to catch all the possible assailants involved in the attack on the Capitol Building last Wednesday.

The Search To Catch The Capital RiotersThey have arrested a few individuals, as the investigation process has been expanded to other states. The law enforcement agencies are closely monitoring the activities of staunch supporters of President Trump – who were deemed responsible for the Capitol Siege.

Michael R. Sherwin, the Acting U.S Attorney for D.C. has claimed that the investigation is in full swing. He has called out the general public to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies to capture all the rioters, so they all can be charged for a serious national crime.

Liz Cheney Lashes out at President Trump over the Capitol Building Carnage; Announces to Vote in Favor of the ImpeachmentSources claim that investigators have come to know that this violent attack was planned weeks before the date.

Prior to the Capitol Hill Siege, the FBI and the White House officials had received warnings.

The pro-Trump supporters had booked Washington D.C. hotels to the capacity. They were very well prepared to attend the Save America rally, and yet there were no proper arrangements in place to tackle the protestors.

Search To Catch The Assailants Who Wrecked A Havoc On Capitol Building EscalatesWith a threat of a possible attack last Wednesday, no measures were taken beforehand, thus the police were so easily tricked by the pro-Trump supporters. There was absolutely no contingency plan in place to control the chaos.

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3 months ago

Your all full of shit u liars!