Winters are here with its chilly nights and food cravings. Due to the temperature outside, people generally spend most of the time inside their rooms and comfy blankets. The cozy situation in our centrally-heated rooms can make us hungry and crave for things that we might not want on an everyday basis. These sudden cravings can lead to excessive weight gain. There are many types of research and books that tell us about healthier food alternatives to satisfy our winter cravings. Following is the list of some food items that are just as tasty as any other snacks you munch on.


Kale is known to be one of the healthiest green vegetables, which is loaded with many nutrients including, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and many more. There are different types, shapes, and colors of Kale. Generally, Kale is dark green with a curvy shape. The flavor is sweet and tender. You can use this vegetable in your daily consumption of salads and dips.

Acorn Squash

simple-roasted-brussels-sproutsThe distinctive flavor combination of sweet and savory makes acorn squash a popular food item. It is rich in antioxidants that helps in removing harmful substances from the body. Moreover, acorn squash lowers the risk of heart diseases that can be a crucial issue during the winter season. Acorn squash has nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, Copper, and dietary fiber. The best part of this food item is that once you eat it, it keeps you full for a long time. You can feast on Acorn squash by roasting it with some sprinkled herbs and olive oil.

Black Sapote

Black Sapote is a perfect alternative for your chocolate cravings in winters. It is also known as fruit loaded chocolate pudding with many health benefits. You can eat this fruit raw or you can make different delicious smoothies with it. Black Sapote is known for its abundance of vitamin C and provision of instant energy. You can even prepare scrumptious dips with this fruit. The caloric count of Black Sapote is comparatively less than a regular chocolate snack. Hence it can be a great solution for your chocolate cravings.

Sweet Potato

It is consumed all over the world. Sweet potato is sweet and mushy in texture. It can provide you with a large amount of protein and fiber that are beneficial for your health. You can munch on this vegetable by boiling it and adding some sweet tangerine sauce on the top. Since Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, they can satisfy your cravings along with keeping you full for a long time. The abundance of water content in this vegetable can speed-up your metabolism rate and can give your body instant energy.