Joe Biden, when he was running against Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States, was often criticized for saying a lot of things that do not make sense, this prompted the theory of Joe Biden’s dementia. This pattern of behavior that he was showing indicates a larger problem of dementia.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia is a group of symptoms that affects one’s ability to remember and thus distorting their ability to socialize. There are many different causes of dementia that are mostly progressive and the symptoms cannot be reversed, however, proper care can sometimes be slowed down. About 14% of the population over the age of 71 has dementia and the risk of getting dementia doubles every five years from the age of 60 to the age of 90. The symptoms of dementia in the early onset of the disease are nonspecific.

Some of the most common symptoms are memory loss; short-term recall problems, difficulty concentrating and losing the track of the topic of the conversation, not understanding the point which somebody is trying to make, and generating difficulties in conversations. Impaired judgment and a decrease in problem-solving skills are also causes of dementia.

Accusations of Joe Biden’s Dementia

Joe Biden during his presidential race was criticized by a republican representative from North Carolina questioning the mental capability and calling out Joe Biden’s Dementia.

Trumps’ campaigners actively propagated the idea that Joe Biden doesn’t have a sound mind. Tim Murtaugh who was an active part of Trump’s campaign said that it was sad to see and clear too that Biden has lost his fastball. Trump has multiple times called him sleepy Joe and even went as far as saying that he is a puppet and has absolutely no clue with regards to what’s happening.

The Reaction of the American Population?

The American population was divided on the matter of whether to believe this accusation of dementia or not. Half of the population was of the view that the Presidency is not a game and Biden who already is 77 years old also suffering from dementia should step back. The people from such a viewpoint were widely criticizing Biden and telling the voters that they have no business casting a word carelessly without knowing the mental capability of the nominee.

While the other half of the population was of the view that Biden may have stumbled over a few words due to his stuttering problem, however, dementia is a full-blown problem. People from this group were of the viewpoint that a candidate with full-blown dementia can never stand up in the presidential debates talking for hours neither can they answer the questions that prompted the way Biden does. It is ageist to believe that due to his age he must be suffering from mental incapabilities. People who have been close to relatives and friends facing dementia also came forward by telling them that Biden does not seem to be having that disorder.

To understand a holistic reaction of the American population, a Fox News poll was generated in which 47% of people voted against Joe Biden’s dementia. Similarly Monmouth Poll showed 52% of voters having complete confidence in the mental ability and physical strength of Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s dementia, Is this a real problem?

People who have worked with patients having dementia and those having family members supporting dementia come to the understanding that none of the patients could have been capable enough to run for Presidency. The mistakes that Biden may have made can be categorized in different forms, however, the question that arises is whether those can be categorized to keep in a line with the symptoms of dementia. A fact that most people do not take into consideration is that dementia affects directly the functioning of one’s body, however, Biden seems to be doing pretty well. The lower cognitive speed is not as pronounced in Biden’s case as it is in other patients facing dementia. It can be said that the mistakes which Joe Biden has made might have come from the stress of the election campaign rather than a very serious mental disease.

The logic behind the comparisons of speech difficulty in Joe Biden’s campaign with early-onset dementia symptoms can be challenged easily. According to a leading expert, from the limited evidence that can be gathered about the Joe Biden specific case, it cannot be said evidently that all these conditions point towards Joe Biden’s dementia. However, in the end, it is the perception of the people that matters. The election results clearly showed the majority of the population do not believe in such accusations pointing towards Joe Biden’s dementia.