As the U.S elections are near, parties are making the most unexpected decisions that are continuously surprising people. Like the recent change of opinion in the Democratic Party as to whom they would want as the vice president.

While the party was initially supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren, it now seems that they are more inclined towards Rep. Karen Bass. Dolores Huerta, the founder of United Farmworkers, told the Payday Report that all Democrats should be praying that Bass is picked by Biden for the vice president.

They believe that Bass would be beneficial and bring the Bernie Sisters and Brothers to the campaign. A day before, Bass and two other progressives were recommended by a bunch of delegates from the Democratic Party while Sen. Elizabeth’s name was not even mentioned.

Leftists further made Bass’s name stand out when they pointed out how she, among others, would be a good choice for vice president. This is because candidates like Bass would encourage swing voters and help bring unity to the party.

People find it strange that Bass is so openly supported by the party as she works more on the inside than on the outside. This is proved by how she worked to alleviate the fiscal crises faced by the state by ordering massive cuts in spending which exceeded the incoming tax revenues by four times.

 Unspoken Reason, the Left now wants Karen Bass for VPShe also believes that to obtain health coverage universally, a system that involves only a single-payer cannot be the only solution. This statement caused many supporters of the single-payer system to be very suspicious of Bass.

In the protests that took place after the death of George Floyd, when the topic of reform in the police system came up, Bass took the stance of a pragmatist. She stated that she found the slogans asking for no funding to the police very absurd, but later apologized on Twitter to the people she offended with her statement.

The left believes that whomever Biden chooses for VP will ultimately become the party’s leader, which is why they worry that it will not be someone like Warren who is a progressive populist. Biden wants someone he can rely on to handle important responsibilities and it looks like that person might be Bass.