The latest reported cases and hospitalizations in the United States have declined for the first time in the past few months.

For the second consecutive day, the US-registered less than 100,000 cases of coronavirus. In several states, more than 10% of the population is already vaccinated.

According to the latest update, the United States reported fewer than 100,000 new cases of coronavirus for the second consecutive day

It seems that President Biden’s directives have led hospitals to observe strict precautionary measures. The timely vaccination has also played an important role in this regard.

The data has been compiled by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. The data shows a very encouraging trend with a steep fall. The number of registered cases has fallen by 56% over the last month, based on an average of seven days, indicating a significant drop in the contagion curve in the US.

Meanwhile, the hospitalization rate has fallen 38% from January 6. Additionally, the seven-day average of Covid-19 patients who tested positive fell to 6.93% over the past week, the lowest since October 31.

Despite this significant decline, cases and hospitalizations are still higher as compared to the previous months.

Besides, the authorities continue to alert the increase in new variants or strains of the coronavirus, which were indicated as more contagious.

According to government officials, amid hope of improvement, we should keep guard of the new variant and must maintain all the precautions in place.

The Biden Administration is trying to get the economy back on track and this declining trend will surely give them hope.

According to the WHO, there were 17% fewer new cases of coronavirus in the world in the previous week. The United States had the highest number of infections, a total of 871,365, but still 19% fewer than those registered in the previous week. Among the other countries with a high number of cases are Brazil, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

Africa had the largest decline (-22%), while the Eastern Mediterranean region had the smallest decline (-2%).