After nine long months, finally, the United Nations Assembly commences a summit on December 3, 2020, to talk about the crises the world is facing due to the pandemic. The surprising part about the whole event was that even the organizers were unaware of the goal of the summit. Moreover, all the members were unsure of what took it too long to commence the summit, and why the U.N. decided to do it now.

However, during the event, UNGA President Volkan Bozkir acknowledged the fact that the global economies are looking towards the U.N. to lead them during this time of mayhem and chaos. He added that ‘multilateralism’ is at stake, emphasizing the need for the act swiftly.

Apart from this, he also acknowledged the fact that as the world will be rebuilding post-COVID, the UN’s sustainable development goals are at on a temporary pause. Along with that, Bozkir wanted to introduce changes that could help mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

However, he stated that the actions that were taken have failed the 2020 goals, and now everyone has to step up and help with the situation as one unit.

During this assembly of 141 speakers, every leader talked about various issues including, economic and environmental problems. Along with this, they presented a shopping list for healthcare equipment as well, making the actual purpose of the summit null and void.

However, a few sensible minds spoke about the vaccine and therapeutic problems, which brought the light back to the point of the summit. One of them was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who pointed out that the WHO organization must be strengthened with extra funding, and the only way the world can overcome these crises is by a global action plan.

Apart from the talk on big ideas, it was concluded that there is a lack of coordination among the world leaders to bring effective changes. Moreover, Trump’s vaccine nationalism also faced a huge backlash as well during the summit.

By the end, the UN announced its main goal for 2021, which is to build a global coalition for carbon neutrality. The UN Secretary-General, Guterres also expressed his hope that China, Korea, and Japan would join the European Union along with the newly elected Biden’s government,  in committing zero net emission.