Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, recently announced that she will be retiring after it was revealed that she attended a gathering during the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to a report, she has stated that she will assist with the Biden transition and she wants the president-elect’s administration to be successful. However, she will be retiring after that because her family is going through a hard time because of her job and it’s very hard to cope with that.

She proceeded to say that her family has been very encouraging and supportive of her work, but the public has attacked them and they didn’t deserve to face that.

Before Thanksgiving, on November 19, Birx gave a coronavirus briefing to the nation to remind the American people to be extra careful during this holiday season as the risk of spread of the coronavirus was even greater. She asked the people to limit their celebrations to only one household in an indoor setting.

White House’s COVID Chief, Dr. Deborah Birx, to Retire after Major BacklashAfter Thanksgiving, Birx visited her vacation home in Fenwick Island, Delaware to meet her family. The Associated Press reports that two separate households and three generations were present at the gathering.

The White House official also owns homes in Washington DC and Maryland, amongst many others. She visits her house in Potomac frequently as her parents and her daughter’s family is residing there.

In an interview with the Associated Press, she revealed that she did not visit the Delaware home to celebrate Thanksgiving, even though later she said that she had had a meal with her family at the vacation house. However, she claims that her purpose of going to the house was to prepare it for the coming winter in case of any possible sales.

Several Americans lashed out at the news of Birx and her visit to her family after they had been in lockdown for most of the year and regularly following SOPs.

In the interview with Newsy, she revealed that her family was deeply disturbed because of the pandemic as her daughter and her parents have been in quarantine at the house for 10 months, and are now extremely depressed. She also added that her parents had refused to eat or drink because of the depression.

She proceeded to add that this was the case in most households in America and they needed to take steps to help people recover from the trauma of the past year.