When an angry mob of Trump supporters attacked the Capitol, one of the protestors was shot by a US Capitol Police officer. The 35-year-old woman was identified as Ashli Babbitt, a war veteran from the air force and she served 14 years in multiple military tours.

According to the sources, she lives in San Diego but was in Washington D.C. for the protest as she is an avid Trump supporter, as reported by her husband.

The Washington police chief also reported three other casualties during the insurrection, but those people died because of medical emergencies.

She tweeted one day before the protest, saying that nothing could put a stop to their rebellion. She also added that they will be storming the Capitol in less than 24 hours and referred to the event as a move from darkness to light. She is a passionate Trump supporter and is known to be a believer in several far-right conspiracy theories.

She was shot by the law enforcement when the protestors were trying to get past a blockade while breaking into the Capitol Building. The police were protecting the building, standing armed in front of the door.

A gunshot was audible in a video going viral on social media, which was recorded while the mob was trying to break in. In another video, the police could be seen tending to a woman collapsed and bleeding, with emergency first aid. She was sent to the hospital after the bullet wound, but she later passed away.

Her Twitter bio stated that she was a libertarian and a veteran. She frequently posted in support of Trump and his voter fraud allegations as well as criticized the presidential elections.

She was also a believer of far-right conspiracy theories such as those associated with the group QAnon. She, like many other protestors, believes that the US government is infiltrated by powerful Satan-worshipper pedophiles. She also retweeted posts from one of Trump’s lawyers who was a part of the voter fraud allegations lawsuits filed in several states.

According to the New York Post, Babbitt’s mother-in-law reported that they found out the news of her death through TV and they were not informed beforehand.

Several police officers were also severely injured during the attack, 56 in total. One of them was attacked by a projectile, and the angry mob assaulted the other. So far 68 of the protestors have been arrested by law enforcement agencies.