The U.S. is huge in terms of vacation spots and here you will find many interesting places to visit. One of them is Albany – State Capital of the New York State, which is on the northeastern side of the state.

This area code 518 is indeed an adventurous place, with a rich history that you will love to explore on your excursions.

So if you are planning your next trip somewhere to rejuvenate and relax, Albany, NY could prove to be a new and fresh experience for you.

However, if you are reading about this place for the first time, then you must have some questions to make an informed choice and clarify if it is the perfect place for you. Otherwise, you would want to know things to do in Albany, NY, what are the best restaurants Albany, NY, etc, etc.

Whatever the case is, we will explore the top 5 places in Albany here, if you feel, that you would enjoy these places, you can visit the place on your next vacation or a long weekend and not only check out the places that are mentioned here but also visit other venturesome locations.

Best things to do in Albany, NY on your next vacay

Lake Placid

Are you someone who loves nature and wants to surround yourself with beautiful greens and a calm lake? Well, Lake Placid is one of those places where you will find solace. It is just two hours drive from the city streets of the city and also happens to be one of the top vacation spots for the locals and others likewise.

The wildflower fields that change color from orange to purple as the season changes are a magical view to enjoy from multiple viewpoints on Whiteface Mountains. While the nearby village will take you back to the 19th century. This is also an excellent base to start your kayaking outing tours, hiking and skiing during chilly winters. Nonetheless, whichever type of vacation you prefer – a silent, rejuvenating time in the arms of nature or doing something daring and bold, this place is a must-visit for everyone who wishes to visit Albany.

Catskills scenic trail

As the name suggests, this place has nothing to do with cats, but it is surely a place to visit for all the adventurous souls. It is 2 hours away from Albany city and spreads over 100 miles. This state-owned mountain region is open to campers and hikers alike.

Spending a night here would be an amazing idea but if you wish to visit this place during the daytime, you can as there are myriads of activities for you there. You can cycle, horse ride, hike ski, or even take a long refreshing walk on its 26 miles road.

If this sounds too much for you, you can also just sit around at any of the viewpoints and let the beauty of the place sink into your eyes and your memory.

Columbia County tour

Are you someone who is a history geek? Or do you prefer to spend a day visiting art galleries and museums? In any case, you would love to visit Columbia County.

This place offers everything, from ex-presidential retirement houses to libraries, art galleries, and museums. It is indeed a place where American history will impress you with its epitome of beauty.

The huge mansions, farms, county markets, stately homes, and much more will help you in detaching from your daily life of hustle and bustle, letting you enjoy and relax. Moreover, if you are looking to visit Albany during summertime, then don’t miss this place because, during this time the music and arts are in the air, you’ll find pop-up galleries around every corner, while Jazz festivals keeping the crowd entertained. Nonetheless, Columbia County is surely a destination for those who need a more relaxed time away.

Saratoga Springs

Visiting this place is similar to time traveling back in the 17th century. You will surely experience the colonial lifestyle as you walk down the picturesque streets, visit vintage places, etc.

This place indeed advocates for self-care as one of its famous attractions is historic spas. Other than that, public springs also prove that landing here is going to not only restore your mental peace but also rejuvenate your soul.

Moreover, if you are a shopaholic and love to collect stuff, you will enjoy window shopping at the buzzing shopping area. Other than that, here you will find many of the best restaurants Albany, NY to enjoy appetizing meals.

If you are visiting this place, you will also experience a weird thing, which is, on one side of the town you will find sweet water and on the other side, you will have bitter water, depending on where you are.

All in all, this town is quite an interesting place to be. Lastly, if you want to move here, it would be the best choice because this town is on the list of the top 10 best places to live in the New York state.

Kaaterskill Falls

The majestic beauty of Albany city, Kaaterskill Falls attracts many artists and souls searching for peace alike to bring a sense of serenity and dazzle in its charm. Taller than Niagra Falls, standing at 200 meters with two terrace-like tiers, this place will surely wake up adventurous you.

If you wish to reach here, just follow the quaint trails from the main road and pass the Catskill Escarpment. Being very much nearer to the Catskill Mountains, you can go for hiking and skiing adventures from the falls as well.

Ending note

Albany, New York welcomes everyone, from an artist, who is looking to detach from the world to souls looking for some meaningful and daring adventures. This list of the top 5 places ends with Kaaterskill Falls, but just know that Albany has many more places to visit other than these. This list is just the start of exploring the secrets of the “518 area code”. We hope that this short list helps you choose your next vacation destination.