The coronavirus pandemic has led people to a state of panic as people did not know how to cope. The virus has been very unpredictable in terms of its symptoms and even scientists are confused.

Even the World Health Organization has been changing its statements on the virus and its transmission. So much so that they first claimed that there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission. By the time WHO announced a state of emergency and declared coronavirus to be a pandemic, it was too late. The virus already had made its way into several other countries, such as The United States of America.

The people started to panic and a term called “panic buying” came into view. The public flooded to the supermarkets and the shelves seemed to be swept away by a storm. Disinfecting products were in immediate shortage and that resulted in pure havoc once again.

Although the scenario is getting better as people have begun to understand the virus more, there is still some discrepancy related to the items for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces. As most people are unaware, disinfectant wipes are not to be used everywhere.

Things that You Must Never Clean with Disinfecting Wipes

For instance, it is not advisable to use disinfectant wipes on your hands because it leaves a residue on your hands. This is especially a bad idea if you are about to eat after using them on your hands.

The disinfectant may also irritate your skin, so it is much better to just wash it with your hands with some good soap bar or use a sanitizer.

Disinfectants are not to be used on leather either. All disinfectants have alcohol that ruins leather surfaces. Surfaces with a sealant are also not to be contacted with disinfectants or it will fade its polish.

Antibacterial wipes are not preferable for large areas such as kitchen countertops and refrigerators. Hardwood surfaces are not preferable to be cleaned with disinfectants because it might lose their shine after repetitive scrubs.

Bathroom benchtops and fixtures have a lot of bacteria all day long and disinfectant wipes are advisable for use. Another factor you should look out for is using disinfectant wipes on moist surfaces.