We often come across stories that inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves. These inspiring stories come from common people and give hope to others.

In this world, there are a lot of blessings that a person can be thankful for. From nature to nutritious foods, from exotic animals to the beautiful places around, the list is endless.

However, one thing that humans should also be aware of is that their body and their health is a blessing. Many people have started to realize this and they are working hard to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Truly life itself is a miracle and a healthy life is of crucial importance for everyone on Earth. For those who think it is too late to begin, there is yet another story that will prove them wrong.

It is indeed never late to make fitness your top priority. 74-years old Joan is an excellent example for this statement who is now an Instagram celebrity.

Joan decided to work on her well-being and fitness merely two years ago when she was above 70 years of age. Two years of her workout journey at this age led her to fame with more than 800,000 followers on Instagram.


Joan believes that a person might not be able to turn the time back, but they can certainly wind the clock. Joan has a daughter who is a professional trainer and she is coaching her mother too.

All this began when Michelle, her daughter, started posting videos of her mother doing all kinds of exercises. Hip thrusts and bicep curls are not a big deal for her to do at all.


Joan claims that she has learned quite numerous important lessons about life during her training. In a recent post, she talked about how beautiful she felt when she could wear form-fitting clothes and look great in them.

She believes that everyone should select a workout clothing style as it helps build self-worth. It is like a psychological trick that when we wear beautiful clothes, we automatically start self-care.