The United States tends to face difficulty with testing people for coronavirus as the labs that are supposed to do screening and testing for the virus fail to work in their maximum capacity.

As per a study, several laboratories of universities accredited for monitoring of the virus showed that the dysfunctional healthcare system of the United States has kept them up against legislative, administrative, and logistical hurdles.

There were testing delays in the hospitals of California and closed off research incentives from accredited universities as they did not use compliant health records or have current hospital contracts.

Researchers caution that with these challenges laboratories can wind up making no progress in the battle against coronavirus. The U.S is the world’s epicenter for the COVID19, with almost 430,000 cases of coronavirus and almost 15,000 deaths.

Many leading U.S laboratories have invested a lot of money in the testing of COVID-19 with the simple technique of PCR and typically focused on genetic modification and research on stem cells.

They have been following complicated federal rules and changing their protocols in molecular biology. However, several say that the healthcare system is functioning at half of its capacity because of a lack of supplies or that hospitals fail to provide samples to them.

The challenges are worrying and more patients have to be screened to avoid another outbreak of coronavirus. For example, administrators ought to identify in communal living facilities whether citizens or staff might be able to spread the viruses.  Healthcare professionals are worried about the shortage of tests, as they believe that they might end up being the carriers of pathogens and wouldn’t be able to test.

Scientists agree that the federal government and management of the United States need to work on the elimination of institutional and logistical obstacles. They are establishing their online presence to offer tips to laboratories worldwide.

Governments got alarmed by WHO regarding the preparations to be done for the wave of coronavirus in January. The organization also examined and sent out PCR-based tests developed in Germany for the virus. However, instead of opting for the test CDC locally developed the test on its own.