After reporting a decline in the number of coronavirus cases for weeks, several states have started lifting social distancing and other COVID-19 related restrictions. However, most of the public health experts believe this decision to be premature and warned against the resurgence similar to the prior spring that followed an easing of restrictions.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director CDC has claimed that she was more anxious because states were acting too fast in lifting all the restrictions. “The infection rate in the country has also increased in recent weeks, and the virus has become more contagious”, she added.

Health experts have echoed the sentiments of the CDC director. They have claimed that the idea of lifting the COVID-19 restrictions is not mature enough, as it would again take the states back to square one, and all the efforts would end up in vain.

Governors of Texas and Mississippi announced Tuesday they would lift the mask mandate and other COVID-19 restrictions, allowing businesses to open completely. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) tweeted, “Texas is REOPEN from next week.

Likewise, Arizona and West Virginia would also no more practice capacity limits in restaurants and other businesses on Friday, but wearing masks and keeping social distancing are mandatory.

According to reports, in Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Virginia, there would be no limited indoor dining and “last call” curfews for bars and restaurants from Monday.

Also, Virginia, Wyoming, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, would not impose restrictions on gatherings.

Connecticut governor, Ned Lamont became one of the first Democrats to lift the COVID-19 restrictions on Thursday. he has promised to reduce capacity limits on eateries, shops, gyms, and other businesses.

As the COVID-19 vaccination drive gains momentum, the Biden Administration is optimistic to get the US population vaccinated by July.