NBA came back with a lot to offer to its fans from the first day after months of restrictions. The game was resumed after a meeting to start a league session in Orlando.

The game has returned with a swing and many things are happening on the basketball court. Three of the most important things are noteworthy for every fan across America.

NBA players portrayed a humble gesture by kneeling for the national anthem. BLM movement is close to every person’s heart and players kneeled to make sure that the message is heard.

They wore the BLM printed shirts for the national anthem and followed the trend from all other games around the world. The players wanted to show their support to the cause and made sure by portraying this gesture.

The game was returning to the court after months and this meant that it would hit the news like a storm. With this gesture, it was a constant reminder that BLM is important.

Williamson was seen missing from the action and he is regarded as the rookie star that LeBron James identified. LeBron believes that he is the real game-winner and must be part of the action in every game.

But he was missing the action as the NBA resumes after months and this was devastating for the fans. He was substituted for the last few minutes where a closer like him could have turned the game into a win.

It’s good to have the NBA backHe has reportedly been missing from the practice sessions because of his family emergency. This meant that he has not been practicing at par with other players and letting him play for the last 7 minutes was a risk.

The last thing to know about the resumption of the NBA is that it is good news for people across America. Fans are excited to see the action of the sports that they have been missing for months.

The opening night was highly anticipated and people across America glued to their TV screens to catch the action live. The season would have kicked off sooner, but the COVID-19 situation required a lockdown.