Fans of the Netflix show Tiger King might be startled to see Joe Exotic’s new post on his Instagram account, via his team. The Tiger King star posted a handwritten note stating that he has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and appealed to the people to be his voice.

“Everyone, it is with a sad face that I have to tell you the doctors called me in today to break the news that my prostate biopsy came back with an aggressive cancer, I am still waiting on the results from other tests as well,” wrote Joe Exotic.

He added, “Right now I don’t want anyone’s pity and I’m sure Carole Will have her own party over this. What I need is the world to be my voice to be released, they have the proof I did not do this and there is no reason for the district attorney to drag this out, So I can go home and get treatment on my own or enjoy what life I have left with my loved ones. Say a prayer please & be my voice please, Love Everyone.”

The TV star, currently in jail, has been in the news for quite some time since his Netflix docuseries ‘Tiger King’ came out. He has been in jail since being convicted in 2019 on the charges of shooting and killing 5 tigers and trying to hire a hitman for $3,000, to kill his rival for him.

Joe Exotic’s team has been promoting his innocence online ever since appealing to big names in politics to aid his case. His Twitter account recently tweeted on November 2, saying, “Carol really doesn’t want the truth coming out! @joe_exotic Counting down the days until you all get to see the real story! Hope this is a sign of the truth to come @netflix You can’t hide forever #carolbaskin” Currently incarcerated in the Texas federal prison, Joe Exotic is appealing to the people to be his voice and finally get him out via a compassionate release.