Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a car accident in Los Angeles this Tuesday. He was admitted to a nearby hospital after sustaining multiple injuries.

He has recently been moved to the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center to continue with his surgeries and to undergo orthopedic care.

Major surgeries were performed to treat the injuries of the sports legend. His condition is now stable and he is recovering.

The CEO of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Anish Mahajan, has confirmed the news on Twitter and called it an honor for their medical center to treat one of the greatest sports legends.

Woods was driving alone in Los Angeles when he lost control going downhill, causing him to roll over into a nearby green area.

Rescuers used multiple tools to break the windscreen and pull Woods out of the vehicle. The police and a team of firefighters led the rescue efforts and found Woods injured but stable and buckled with the driving seat.

Following which the famous golfer was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received initial care and despite receiving multiple injuries his condition was out of danger.

The area where Woods’ car was found is a known accident-prone site due to a downhill slope and sharp turn. Although there are no indications to suggest a reckless driving charge, the investigation is in the process to ascertain the exact cause of the accident.

Investigators are also extracting information from a black box inside the vehicle in hopes to get further information including the speed of the vehicle.

Woods has been the victim of two major car incidents in the past. In 2009, he crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant in Florida, and in 2017, he was found asleep in a vehicle.

Woods would undergo more surgeries on his right leg and ankle at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center where he has been shifted now.

According to initial reports, the sports legend has already been treated with a metal rod to support his leg bone and ankle. His right leg has been severely injured and is almost crushed.

According to the information from the CEO of the Medical center, as the right leg of the Tiger Woods was broken and the bone was exposed to bacteria, they are following all the precautions to stop infections and treat them with utmost care.

Wood is already receiving back surgeries and the recent accident can be devastating for the golfer.

However, Woods is out of danger as he continues to recover after this serious accident.

The golfer’s family members and relatives are updating his fans about the current status of his health on social networks.

His fans have started reaching outside to the hospital with flowers and there are reports that his girlfriend Erica Herman has also visited.