TikTok star Ali Abulaban, running the account JinnKid, has pleaded innocent on account of being accused for the murder of his wife and male companion on Monday. The star with close to a million followers on his TikTok account was accused of shooting his estranged wife and a man recently seen with her in a high-rise from San Diego.

The man found with Abulaban‘s wife, Ana Abulaban, was identified as Rayburn Cardenas Barron, 29, of National City, California.

Abulaban is a 29 year old man, more commonly known for his witty impersonations on his TikTok account. He was booked for 2 accounts of first-degree murder, as his wife and her companion were both found shot dead in her apartment on 1475 Island Avenue Thursday, October 21.

San Diego Police Department has reported the suspect Abulaban was first identified as the person who reported the incident but fled the scene, as he was also the resident of the apartment where the crime took place but was not at the crime scene when police arrived. Later he was detained at Route 15 at Interstate 805, the northbound state, before being spotted at Route 94 by other officers.

“Several calls were made to the door obviously unanswered, officers forced entry in there. A 5-year-old girl was inside the suspects car. She’s safe in police custody where she was at the time of the incident, we have no idea,” SDPD Lt. Andra Brown told News 8

Both the victims had gunshot wounds to their upper body, according to the police report. Deputy District Attorney Taren Brast is been noted to make a case against Abulaban saying he downloaded a listening device on his 5-year-old’s iPad to keep track on his wife.

There have been no comments made by Abulaban’s attorney in defense of the man so far, but the suspect himself has pleaded not guilty for both murder charges.