The TikTok star by the username of JinnKid is currently under custody and investigation for the murder of his wife and her friend in San Diego. The social media personality who also released ‘Skyrim In Real Life’, Ali Nassar Abulaban is held on charges of shooting and murdering Ana Abulaban and Rayburn Barron.

According to Facebook records from Ana’s profile, they married in January 2017, but are currently estranged. There has been no confirmation or news regarding whether Ana was in a relationship with her friend Rayburn Barron either, but there are different sources from people who knew the couple saying that the murder is a result of Ali being jealous of his wife and partner.

Skyrim In Real Life was a series released by Ali Abulaban among his other works of improvisation and sketch comedy. He is known as JinnKid on Instagram, in addition to TikTok.

The shooting took place at Spire San Diego luxury apartment complex on Island Avenue, San Diego, on October 21. The victims were found in their apartment on the 35th floor, while Ali Abulaban was later detained at the northbound state Route 15 at Interstate 805 by officers. Police believe Abulaban is responsible for the crime, adding that he tracked his wife through a listening app downloaded on their daughter’s iPad.

He has 171,000 subscribers on YouTube where he released Skyrim In Real Life or Skyrim IRL, 950,000 on TikTok, 263k followers on Instagram. He is currently being held in jail without bail, and the next hearing is scheduled in January.

Louis Marinari, Ali Abulaban’s first cousin recently said, “He loved her so much that he became obsessed with her, and then he wanted to control her. He couldn’t grasp control over her because she had a really big social life, and he couldn’t control her anymore and it drove him mad. I think this is what led up to him killing her,”

He added, “I was very proud of him you know, and I loved him to death. He loved me to death. We were very close, but like I said, because he did this, the whole way I thought about him is gone. I hate him. I just want to see him be punished to the fullest end of the law. He killed two innocent people.”