Tim Dowling is a journalist and writer who write weekly articles about his wife and family life. He recently shared his experience of having an online meeting and the problems occurred during the virtual meeting.

On Saturday, he walked into the kitchen holding a cardboard box in which the new wireless router came. His oldest kid was busy on his computer and didn’t look up as he announced that the internet is way faster in the garden than it is in the house.

Tim Dowling: hello, York! I’m going live from my garden shed

He tells his wife about the York Festival of ideas where he is going to speak tonight when she inquired about the supper, which he has to cook.

His wife made a promise about two months ago that she will not cook again. She is very vigilantly keeping her promise.

Tim told her that he will be speaking to an international audience at that time but he will get free by 8:00 pm so someone might want to put the chicken in at 7:30 and help him.

He said when he is working at the office he keeps his laptop on two dictionaries to keep his muscles relax without showing a good view of the ceiling.

He talked about the books visible through his garden shed that those are just a part of general house interior and literature collection. He hadn’t read any of them.

At 6:00 pm he got ready to address his audience, changed his shirt, filled a glass of water, while he was at it his oldest one asked him if he gets nervous before such talks. Tim said yes, he gets pretty nervous.

Here he discussed the issues that are faced by everyone for having to work from home and attend all the meetings.

At 6:30 when he sits down with a bunch of virtual people on his laptop for the rehearsal, despite every effort he made to just keep his face on the screen and not the surroundings; everyone saw where he was sitting and what area around his garden shed looked like.

Next, as the festival starts and the members started introducing each other, the virtual meeting got stuck and everyone disappeared leaving time to give his 20 minutes long speed looking only at himself.

In the end, Tim had no time to reflect on how his speech was perceived because no one heard on the VM, in that hassle he couldn’t cook dinner so he had to order takeaways.