At the start of the year, everything was going smoothly for the president of the United States. His confidence was high and he was very proud of what he had done to America.

The economy of the country was boosting and it felt like President Trump would easily win the 2020 elections.

But things didn’t go according to the plan, did they? The pandemic started which not only destroyed the economy of the country but took away many lives.

When the pandemic started, Trump had no idea how it could impact his campaign or reputation for that matter. He did not take the virus seriously and now, it is the reason behind the crippling economy of the US.

Around 200,000 people have died due to the virus with a huge number of patients increasing every day. The unemployment rate has drastically increased by 15 percent and the economy is said to be reduced by 4 percent or more this year.

Time and History Not on Donald Trump’s SideThe last time things went so bad was at the time of the great depression in 1932 and the president at that time i.e. Hoover did not win again.

Donald Trump’s best card was that he had transformed the economy into a great one by breaking records on Wall Street, but the pandemic even took that away.

The situation did get better as the lockdown eased but the recovery is k-shaped, which means that the rich are the ones benefiting the most from it.

Now that Trump doesn’t have something to prove that he is worthy, he is trying to get a stimulus package approved. But the Democrats are using all the tactics they can to postpone it.

David Blanchflower however thinks that it doesn’t matter now if you provide a package or not.

So the election year hasn’t been so smooth for the president. The major issue now is not only the management of a poor economy but also the lives of Americans.