After his victory, Joe Biden gave his first-ever speech as the 46th President of the US. He spoke about unifying and healing the country.

The speech took place at a drive-in rally in Delaware in front of the Chase Center. A total of 360 vehicles were present at the rally as his supporters sat in or on top of their cars, cheering for him and honking their horns in support.

He talked about treating even his competition the same as everyone else because at the end of the day they’re all Americans as well. He proceeded to add that he wants to serve all of the people of America and that it was the need of the hour to finally heal as a country.

Biden also talked about this being a historic moment for the United States since Kamala Harris is the first South-Asian, Black-American woman to win the position of Vice President. Harris talked about how this win broke barriers and also paid tribute to the women of color who inspired her through her journey.

‘Time To Heal In America’ - BidenShe talked about how the struggle of every woman, whether she be black, White, Asian, Latina, or Native American, paved the way for her victory tonight. She talked about how much they had sacrificed for justice and equality. She also proceeded to call black women the ‘backbone of our democracy.’

Biden also directed his speech towards Trump supporters saying that he understands their frustration and disappointment, as he has lost a few times as well. He urged them to cooperate with him and help them in healing the widening gap between people in America.

He continued that he will serve every person equally, both those who voted for him and those who didn’t. He adds that this culture of division and discrimination will end with him.

He also addressed the African American voters who supported him, firstly in the Democratic nomination and then in the presidential elections. He continues that he will return the favor and always support them in their cause.

In his campaigns, Biden mostly targeted Trump on his mishandling the coronavirus crisis. According to NBC News Exit Poll, most people claimed they voted for Biden due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases that have reached a whopping above 100,000 people infected per day.

In his speech, he also reassured people that countering the pandemic would be at the top of his priority list.