The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything, from the ways economies operate to celebrating the holiday season. As the holiday season is around the corner, Dr. Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon, and professor at Columbia University have given a few guidelines on how to spend your holiday season safely without spreading the virus.

Before giving safety tips, Dr. Oz explained how the virus spreads. He said that the virus transmits through little droplets of fluids or air. Similar to exhaling a puff of a cigarette.

Moreover, he also explained to whom you must celebrate these holidays. If you are inviting a bunch of friends or close family over the holidays, that is okay. However, inviting the elderly or those who are vulnerable to the virus is not an option. It won’t only risk their lives, but it will risk yours too.

Moreover, if you are going somewhere, then you must observe SOPs and must not indulge in any foolish act. It includes packed carpools, moshing, etc. He added, if someone disregards social distancing or SOPs, they may infect asymptomatically to others, making it much more dangerous.

To make the holiday season safe and enjoyable for everyone, all of us must do what it takes to curb the spread of the virus. According to Dr. Oz, no one must fear or panic while traveling. He advised if you are traveling through an airplane or any other vehicle, make sure the air is well ventilated. As far as an airplane is concerned, the authorities are taking care of keeping the interior of the plane safe for everyone to travel.

Moreover, if you have a small gathering, then make sure to have it in open spaces rather than closed ones. However, if the weather becomes unbearable, at least keep the windows open, so the air ventilates well.

Apart from this, you must also include healthy foods in your meals that would boost your immunity. The use of immunity-boosting ingredients will make you less vulnerable to the virus, but it will also help you to heal better in case if you get the virus.

At last, before concluding his tips for a safe holiday, Dr. Oz stressed on social distancing while having food and has advised everyone to follow the six feet rule throughout the event. He also said that when it’s time for food, everyone must not go together. Instead, one person must serve the food to everyone. If it isn’t possible, then going in batches is recommended.