Life can be unpredictable – We all must have heard the phenomenon. But today, life is expensive as well. No matter how much you seek and try money-saving techniques, you always end up empty pockets at the end of every month.

But stores like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls, are there to help you earn rewards and save much through credit cards. If you’re a dedicated shopper, then TJ Maxx Credit Cards are here to rescue.

Whether you head towards decorations for the upcoming events, clothes, camping equipment, or bedding, the TJ Maxx family store offers something to everyone. Through TJ Maxx Credit Cards you can actually save more by shopping through earning points.

Using TJ Maxx Credit Cards for your purchases at TJ Maxx stores, a strong reward bonus is awarded on every product. You can use your TJ Maxx Credit Cards on TJ Maxx stores and any other US-based stores associated with the store like Marshalls, Homesense, Sierra Trading Post, and HomeGoods

Additionally, if you are a consistent shopper, then these reward points can be very handy at the online or in-store TJ Maxx stores shopping experience. Not only reward points but several other perks are also included if you use your TJ Maxx Credit Cards for shopping.

But how you can obtain these TJ Maxx Credit Cards and what benefits can be achieved from them? Here’s what you need to know.

Basic information about TJ Maxx Credit Cards

These TJ Maxx Credit Cards or any other online reward cards can be only applicable if you can use them before their expiration date. If you are a consistent shopper, then these credit and gift cards will surely gonna help you with your regular shopping activities.

You can obtain two types of TJ Maxx Credit Cards from the TJMaxx stores. These credit cards are issued by a legit Synchrony bank.

  • The first reward card is the TJX Reward Credit card. This credit card can only be used for purchases in-store and online at TJ Maxx and its associative brands across the United States. Moreover, this card can also be utilized on Puerto Rico and the connected stores’ websites.
  • The second card that TJ Maxx offers to enhance the shopping experience is the TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard. The card’s discounts and points are accepted anywhere where the Mastercard is applicable.

You may need to comply with the requirements to receive any of the TJ Maxx Credit Cards. You can apply online to obtain TJX Reward Credit cards and through the TJ Maxx store as well. You may have to meet certain requirements when you apply for a Platinum Mastercard. If your application for a Mastercard is rejected, you will be offered a store credit card in place.

The points you earn through shopping online or in-store will be saved in your account. Through this, a reward certificate will be created.

The requirements for both credit cards are not much different from each other. For both credit cards, there’s a high variable annual percentage range (APR). This variable APR can fluctuate based on the value of the prime rate. APR and prime rate are directly proportional to each other, when APR value goes high, it elevates prime rate as well and vice versa.

On the other hand, once you get approved for TJ Maxx Credit Cards, you will be rewarded with a 10% discount on your first purchase. It is not mandatory that you make your purchase in-store, the welcome discount price can be utilized for online purchases on the associated brands’ website and on the official as well.

Points and rewards can also be earned through the reward program. Through this, you can earn a cashback of $10 reward certificate once you reach 1000 points. And then again, these $10 are used on TJ Maxx stores and the linked brands.

The perks of having TJ Maxx Credit Cards aren’t finished yet. TJ Maxx Credit Cards holders are also invited to exclusive shopping events where they can save and shop more.

Things you should know about TJ Maxx Credit Cards

1-  5% cashback offer on any purchase

Several perks are there when you use TJ Maxx Credit Cards online, but if you use your credit card in the Tj Maxx group of stores, you will get a 5% cashback reward. This means that you are spending a dollar and receiving 5 reward points in your account against every dollar you spend. 

Moreover, these points do not expire but add up in your account until you reach the level of 1000 points. Once you reach a 1000 points level, a reward certificate of $10 will be automatically generated. In other words, you will get back $10 on your credit card on a total of $200 spending.

This reward certificate will be sent to your mailing address along with your billing statement once you earn 1000 points. You can also take advantage of the application or online website to download your certificate. These reward certificates can be used within two years of their date of issuance.

Plus, these certificates can be used for the online and in-store purchases of the TJMaxx stores, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Posts, HomeGoods, Homesense Stores, within the United States, and Puerto Rico. Moreover, these reward cards cannot be used for purchasing gift cards, gift certificates, e-cards, or any other gifts and party cards that are offered by a third party.

2-  10%-off as a welcome bonus

Discounts and rewards can always trigger human excitement. And when it is from your favorite online store, holding yourself from purchasing is near to impossible.

Once you sign up for the TJ Maxx Credit Cards account, you will be welcomed with a 10% bonus on your first purchase. There may be some requirements to achieve and use this welcome bonus.

First, you are required to use this reward by using your TJ Maxx Credit Cards. Second, if you received your TJ Maxx Credit Card online, then it is possible that you get a coupon code once you charge your credit card on the website. This coupon code can only be used over the TJMaxx official website or the associated brands’ websites based in the US.

Otherwise, if you want to use the reward certificate for in-store purchases at any TJMaxx store or the linked ones, you need to take out a physical certificate for this.

Third, if you have applied for a TJ Maxx Credit Card and received it online, then you have to visit the store to use your welcome bonus.

3- Exclusive discounts for TJ Maxx Credit Cardmembers

Evidently, several facilities can be achieved through TJ Maxx Credit Cards both online and in-store. One of them is the opportunity to receive exclusive discounts through invitations. When you first sign up for your card, you can enable the notifications for exclusive discount offers and events organized by TJMaxx and the associated parties.

With these invitations, you can make the most of your rewards, plus, you can even spend and save more at the same time.

4- High Annual percentage rate

Similar to any other credit card, the annual percentage rate of TJ Maxx Credit Cards is relatively high. If you’re purchasing products using your credit card and don’t plan regularly to pay off your balance amount, you will possibly end up paying extra from your actual purchase. For instance, if you’ve earned $10 and forgot to pay the balance, due to high interest you would be paying $20 as interest charges which always put you behind your savings.

5- The TJ Maxx Credit Cards must be used at allowed marketplaces

Unlike any other credit card, TJ Maxx Credit Cards are not just bound to be used at a single store giving away discounts on their own purchases. TJMax takes pride in giving options to their customers of using their credit cards on one or more of their favorite brands.

Apart from that, if you want to use your Platinum Mastercard on brands other than the TJMaxx family of brands, then you would be rewarded with 1 point per dollar. As for the interest rate, your Platinum Mastercard can bring a high-interest rate if you don’t plan to pay off your balance monthly.

Who can make the most of TJ Maxx Credit Cards?

TJ Maxx Credit Cards are the best credit cards for consistent shoppers, who like to spend a lot at TJMaxx and the related associates. If you are one of them, then keeping a close eye on your reward points, avail discount deals that you may come across throughout the year, and consistently pay off the balance amount monthly, then you would be able to receive some decent discounts out of your TJ Maxx Credit Cards.

Moreover, through TJ Maxx Credit Cards, you will not be charged with additional charges on a foreign transaction. Therefore, if travel is in your future plans, then you don’t have to make another credit card account. You can easily use your existing credit card account and use your reward points anywhere in the world.

How you can obtain TJ Maxx Credit Cards

As mentioned earlier, the application to obtain TJ Maxx Credit Cards can be made online and in-store. Let’s find out what details you would be required to submit.

To apply for TJ Maxx Credit Cards at the TJ Maxx store(s), you need to ask for the application at the customer support center. A representative will guide you about the process. Once the required information is submitted, the process will immediately begin.

Another way to apply for the TJ Maxx Credit Cards is through the TJ Maxx website. For both the applications, you need to provide your full name, address, email, phone number, Social Security number, along with your annual income details. You may not be able to request a credit card through your cell phone application.

However, TJ Maxx stores don’t have an in-store payment receiving system. Therefore, once your application is approved, you have to choose from electronic or paper payment methods. For this, you can enter details to pay your bills directly through your bank account by receiving bills through email or over the cell phone.

There may be some other requirements as well that may hinder your approval of TJ Maxx Credit Cards. To cater to them, look for the frequently asked questions below:

Frequently asked questions

How much credit score would you need to have TJ Maxx Credit Cards?

  • To obtain TJ Maxx Credit Cards, you need to have a credit score of at least 620 points or above. For instance, if your credit score exceeds 670, you might get the offer of a better credit card, like Chase Freedom Flex.

Through Chase Freedom Flex, there is no annual fee with lucrative redemption options, you can earn more rewards when shopping at TJ Maxx.

Why does the TJ Maxx Credit Cards application ask for my Social Security number?

  • When you apply for TJ Maxx Credit Cards, you have to undergo a tough credit inquiry. When a background credit check is performed, a Social Security Number comes in handy to get the credit report.

How to check the balance amount in your TJ Maxx Credit Cards?

  • To check the status of your remaining credit in your TJ Maxx Credit Cards, you just need to simply log in to your Credit card account. If your credit card account is not registered, then you have to make one with the help of your billing zip code and credit card number.
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How to use your TJ Maxx Credit Cards at other brands’ stores?

Marshall and HomeGoods are one of the partnered brands of TJ Maxx stores where you can use TJ Maxx Credit Cards. However, the TJ Maxx Reward card can only be used at the TJ Maxx store and its partnered brands; you can use Platinum Mastercard on the brands that are not associated with TJ Maxx.

For this, you may need to pay high-interest rates and the rewards against the purchases will also be less. Furthermore, you can link your Platinum Mastercard to other shopping applications and receive rewards for the same online purchase.