There have been many natural disasters as of lately. Whether it is Australian bushfires or the American ones in California and west America – all are labeled as natural disasters. However, it will not be wrong to call them a repercussion of our actions. There is something very unnatural about these natural disasters. Global warming is a major issue that needs to be tackled adequately.

It is not just a problem that has arisen due to our lack of responsibility towards the environment, but also due to the failure of our system. We do not understand the fact that our needs for quick and easy solutions are destructive to nature. Every day, we see a new environmental challenge and we need to understand that such destructions won’t stop until actual measures are taken.

The disappointing market system is an issue that we need to take care of. Our system does not count the cost of products properly used in society. When an object or a service is produced, it’s the cost is kept at a level where it can be cheap for the consumer and profitable for the seller.

To Save the Climate: We need to take more stepsWhat people do not realize is when we use heaters, cooling systems, air conditioners, cars, we do not pay for the impact it will have on the environment. All these products release GHG. Such carbon emissions warm the air around us, endangering our environment.

Big organizations use fossil fuels and there’s no authority that asks them to stop using them. Fossil fuels cost very little money but the carbon emissions it causes endanger the atmosphere.

A technical way to contain environmental destruction and save the climate is to address and rearrange the market system. If there is a fixed amount attached to each product, calculated by the number of carbon emissions it omits, things can certainly change. A carbon tax can become a savior to the climate right now.

The only reason why the government would not put such a tax on the citizens is that not everyone will be happy with it. If citizens of the country decide to make the climate a priority, the government will also start to look into several ways to help the environment by applying new and environment-friendly standards.


  1. And who gets all of this Carbon tax? Al Gore??? The other way to get this accomplished is to provide cost effective methods to replace high carbon footprint items…otherwise its just another tax tha people cant afford and makes the elites even richer!

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