The government of Japan has quashed all the rumors about the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics, to be held this summer. The preparations for the mega event are in full swing.

It was rumored that there are unconfirmed reports being circulated in the concerned departments that it is near-to-impossible to hold the Games, in the current proximity due to the ongoing pandemic. Sources highlighted that even the Japanese authorities are conclusive of not proceeding with the Tokyo Olympics this summer due to the coronavirus.

As soon as the rumors went viral, the Tokyo 2020 organizers were quick to respond, and released an official statement, on behalf of the Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga – that he is determined to hold the Olympic Games as per schedule. The statement further concluded that extreme measures are being taken to curtail the infection, and all the countermeasures and precautions are being taken to make sure the Olympics are held on time.

Prime Minister addressed the Parliament about the grave need of the Olympics to be held on time, and as per the schedule. He further added how important it is to showcase Japan’s progress – to the world – and how it has come out of the devastating Tsunami that shook the country in 2011.

Dismissing all the rumors about the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics, the Prime Minister assured that the Tokyo Games are ON, and will be held on time. Moreover, the symbolic Olympics flame will be ignited on July 23,, 2021.

The Olympic Federations of different countries have shown complete confidence in the Japanese premier’s call, and have sent their good wishes to the organizers.

The Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee announced that they will continue with their preparations to stage the Olympics, focusing on the health and safety of the athletes, their families and their respective communities, and will showcase to the world how they have overcome the novel coronavirus pandemic.