Tom Brady – the living football prodigy! He has astounded the world with his youth, his game tactics, and his Good Looks!

Who would have imagined that Tom Brady would make such a comeback and that too at the top level in the NFL?

His young looks however have been a topic of many of his fans and critics’ contention. People question often whether the rumors of Tom Brady plastic surgery are true? And if that is the reason why he continues to look so youthful.

Can you believe that one of the fittest athletes in America just turned 44-years-old and is still going strong? Many believe he should have retired and stayed in retirement, but look at that face, does it show any signs of aging? This is what started the rumors and speculations that Tom Brady went under the knife and that Tom Brady plastic surgery face makes him appear way younger than his counterparts.

The superstar doesn’t seem to have aged at all since the time he got drafted into the NFL, in fact, it seems as if he might be getting younger with each passing day.

Even though today’s article is regarding the speculations of Tom Brady getting plastic surgery in recent years, before deep diving into this discussion, let’s start from the very basics – who is Tom Brady?

The Making of a Legendary Quarterback

Tom Brady is one of the most prized players in the National Football League. He was drafted in 2000 as a quarterback by the New England Patriots.

He entered the world of the NFL without knowing he will be a superstar known around the world. Even after a couple of decades of playing, there is no stopping him and he is going as strong as the newly drafted young athletes.

Tom Brady helped the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl championship seven times, which is an incredible record on its own. He also won the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award three times, along with the Super Bowl MVP award four times in his entire career.

Tom Brady’s professional career also witnessed some hiccups when he had to face the “Deflategate” scandal back in 2015 which resulted in his suspension from the game.

Many say it didn’t waiver Brady’s resilience and he came back into the game stronger than ever.

Since his comeback, Brady has proved himself what a fine player he is and his gifted technique helped his team win more championships than before.

Currently, Tom Brady is playing for the team Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with whom he signed a contract in March of 2020 after playing a straight 20 seasons with his debut team the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady’s Early Life

Tom Brady’s real name is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. He was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California. His parents are Galynn Patricia and Thomas Brady Sr.

He is an only son and the youngest amongst his 3 sisters. Brady went to Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo, California, and graduated in 1995.

Tom Brady played football, baseball, and basketball during his time in school. Brady enrolled himself in the University of Michigan after finishing high school, leaving the idea of pursuing a professional career as a baseball player on the side.

College Life

During his time at the University of Michigan, Brady started focusing on football and became a member of the university’s football team. During the initial two seasons of football at college, he was not much of a strong player, and most of the time he spent on the bench as he was not a good starter.

He started taking interest in becoming a quarterback while he was in his junior year at the university. This was the time when he seriously started thinking about taking football as a professional career.

In his junior year, he worked as a starter and threw 350 passes for a record 2636. At one point, he became a lethal part of the university’s football team. Before finally graduating from the University of Michigan, he helped the team win the Orange bowl in his final season.

Professional Football Career

Tom Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the NFL draft back in 2000. This was the beginning of a new era – the beginning of his career in the NFL.

During his first season with the New England Patriots, he served most of the time as a backup quarterback and was not featured in the game a lot, in fact, he played only one game that season.

His breakthrough in the game came when the coach started working on Brady after the quarterback of the Patriots Drew Bledsoe, was forcefully laid off because of an injury.

The coach soon became a fan of Brady’s strength and technique as he soon improved by shooting long throws and demonstrated amazing leadership qualities, which made him keep the team united and intact.

During the first 14 games that Brady played as a starter, the Patriots won 11, with only 3 losses. This helped him make his mark across the world of football.

In the postseason, Brady once again paved the way for the New England Patriots to win against the St. Louis Rams at the Super Bowl XXXVI. Brady also won the MVP award for that game.

As a footballer, he has come a long way since his first-ever Super Bowl leading him to win a record number of awards both personally and for the team. The Patriots won six championships while he played for them till the year 2019. Tom Brady moved to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March of 2020 and currently represents the team to date.

Tom Brady’s Personal Life

Tom Brady dated Bridget Moynahan for a very long time. The two seemed to be intensely in love and were pretty much inseparable. They even had a son together but unfortunately split in 2006. The breakup was a quiet one and there wasn’t much noise or controversy surrounding it.

Tom Brady married Gisele Bündchen back in 2009. The couple is going strong and has a son and a daughter together.

Tom Brady Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Now finally we come to the question of the day – are the rumors regarding Tom Brady plastic surgery true? Did he actually go under the knife to keep his looks youthful? How does he maintain such youthfulness at the age of 44?

Tom Brady has always denied these rumors and speculations. He alleges he did not have any kind of plastic surgery – at least nothing of this sort is official or confirmed by Tom Brady himself.

He claims that he has never undergone surgery to work on his appearance. His youthfulness, stamina, and overall appearance are because of his excessively tough exercise regime along with a controlled diet which is known as TB12.

It does seem like Brady got some minor surgeries or procedures over the span of the past two decades. The cameras find him younger than the way he looked when he started his NFL career.

According to a prying trend on Twitter started by a user named @KosmeticKRys, the picture by picture comparison of Brady over the years show there to be a little bit of work on his appearances, especially in the area of veneers, Rhinoplasty, jawline/chin wrap, hair grafting, Botox and fillers.

The pictures show clear differences comparing the before and after between them.

Fans and critics as well as doctors joined the heated debate on whether Tom Brady had plastic surgery or not. The fans quickly joined the conversation by sharing their own theories regarding the subject. A lot of people were of the opinion that even if Brady got plastic surgery, it’s his own life and he can do whatever he wants, one should not pass speculations or ridicule him for his decisions.

Tom Brady has always been under criticism, especially his lifestyle and health methodologies. He was strictly criticized for listening to his personal trainer more than the team doctors and nutritionists while he was playing for the patriots.

Tom lives in Florida now and is reportedly known to pay no heed to all the speculations and rumors encircling him.

Final Verdict

Tom Brady plastic surgery rumors are not going to die anytime soon, nor are there any confirmations on the subject, no matter how much it seems like he had a little bit of tweak here and there and hair enhancement over the years.

Regardless of whether these rumors are true or not, he is fit and fine, not to mention, unretired. Whatever he is doing, whether going under the knife or drinking water from youth well, it is working out for him – Tom Brady is as young as ever before and has no intentions of retiring from the NFL anytime soon.