Tom Holland reveals the reaction of Zendaya over his stunt in his latest film Uncharted that nearly broke him.

It was a death-defying stunt.

UNCHARTED – Official Trailer (HD)

The 25-year-old actor made a special appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss his latest film as well as different aspects of the action thriller movie.

The Spider-Man actor stated that it was one in a lifetime opportunity to work in such a film that had outrageously dangerous stunts. He said it was thrilling till he had to do the stunts himself and that broke him.

Tom discussed the scene where he supposedly jumps from an airplane after being thrown out and lands on a car with a humongous impact.

Tom Holland shared his girlfriend Zendaya’s reaction regarding the stunt while discussing with her Uncharted. He said when he briefed her about the stunt, she stops him in between and stated “I have to stop you right there. What on earth is this movie about?”

Tom Holland revealed that his parents visited the set of Uncharted and that makes this movie all the more special.

“Whenever my mum and dad come to visit set is always the day when I don’t work,” Holland said, adding, “My parents were like ‘Why are you so tired all the time? What’s wrong with our son?’”

“Coming to set on those two days consecutively, I was like ‘THIS is why I’m so tired all the time,” the actor added further.

He also stated that his mother visited the set when he was filming for a scene in which “he was hit by the plane” and another time when he “drowns in the well”.

Uncharted is a story that revolves around a treasure hunter – Victor “Sully” Sullivan who is trying to enlist Nathan drake to help and assist him in the recovery of a 500—year-old fortune that has been lost but was initially explored by Ferdinand Magellan.

The movie was released on February 18th, 2022. It has been receiving amazing reviews as per the charts.