Tommy Dorfman has made a startling announcement today. In an interview with Time magazine, the actress has reintroduced herself as a trans woman.  With this announcement in play, the actress took to social media to bring her new pronouns into the limelight.

In an extravagant Instagram post, Dorfman expressed her deep gratitude to all trans people who have shown the courage to come out and live their life on their terms. “I’m especially grateful to every single trans person who walked this path, broke down barriers, and risked their lives to live authentically and radically as themselves before me,” wrote the actress.

The actress, who essayed the role of Ryan Shaver on “13 Reasons Why” told the Time how she had been in the process of “privately identifying and living” as a transwoman since the past year. For clarity, Tommy Dorfman elaborated on her coming out as anything but a major reveal. Instead, she said the reality was somewhere always out in the open.

While Dorfman made it seem like a seamless change, the 29-year-old actress said it was anything but simple. She affirmed that the last few months have been spent in planning and documenting her new look to go up on social platforms.

She further talked about her deep-rooted fear of feeling unsafe and unhappy with herself. However, the transition has been much more “beautiful” for Dorfman, which is primarily why she chose to document the journey for the world to see as a whole.

The actress said she’d keep her name as it was a tribute to her mother’s brother who died soon after her birth. Dorfman said her name holds a strong sentimental value and she is now geared up to give a whole new life to her name.

Marking her reveal as a defining moment, Tommy Dorfman said she was proud of who she has been for the last so many years.  GLAAD replied to the news of Dorfman’s announcement, saying that it will inspire many young people across the globe.