1. Harry and Meghan are long distant cousins

The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex happen to be cousins. They share the same ancestors dating back 15 generations.

2. Instrument strings are made from animals

The strings on your guitar or any other musical instrument with strings have animal blood on them. Originally, these strings were made from the guts of sheep or lambs. However today, these strings have been replaced by metal strings.

3. Queen Elizabeth keeps track of her OOTD (outfit of the day)

If rumors are to be believed, then it will become evident that Queen Elizabeth II never repeats her outfit. It is said that all the outfits that she has worn over the years are recorded in the spreadsheet. If she has to repeat something, then she does it after a couple of years.

4. The devil horns hand gesture is offensive in the Europe and South America

Europeans and South Americans believe that the devil horn gesture represents that one’s wife is unfaithful. The history behind this belief dates back to etymological times when the gesture was a symbol of Cuckold in Italian, Greek, and Spanish.

5. AI will replace 40% of human jobs

Technology is taking over the world and according to an AI expert, Kai-Fu Lee, AI robots will take up around 40% of human jobs. The biggest threat is for the drivers.

6. Disneyland has an underground tunnel system

Disney land built tunnels underneath to assist the characters to reach safely at the spots without spoiling the magical element.

7. You can hear the sound of wind on Mars

The sensors on NASA’s Insight Lander on the Martian surface recorded the sound of the wind of Mars via vibrations and you can hear it at decibel using your headphones.

8. Trees can communicate with another tree

We all know that trees are living things, but they do not talk, move or eat like animals or humans. However, a recent study found out that the roots of the trees are connected underground through the fungi network. This helps them to share the nutrients and other resources that are needed to grow and survive, with other trees. For example, if there is a hundred-year-old tree in the forest, it will share some of the nutrition and essential survival resources to younger and nearby trees.

9. You lose 8% of the water from your body the moment you sit on the flight

When you sit in a flight, the climate inside the aircraft is controlled which lowers the humidity level between 10% and 15%. Therefore, one loses 8% of body water on the flight.

10. Humans also shed skin like snakes

Our body sheds 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells in a month. We don’t notice our skin shedding because it rejuvenates as fast as it deteriorates.