This time of the year when you gather your loved ones to reflect on the moment that you are thankful for, we are also thankful for every blessing that has been bestowed upon us. So, let’s dive into the festive feel of the season and bring out some deliciously amazing Thanksgiving foods having indisputable powers to revive your taste buds. And yet the cycle of searching for the top 10 Thanksgiving foods goes all over again on the internet. Compelling us to gather the best foods list for you to make this Thanksgiving special and cheer the festive spirit inside out. Here’s a list of the top 10 favorite Thanksgiving foods for you to look at.

Top 10 Thanksgiving foods to make this time

1. Mashed potato

Potatoes and humans are made for each other. The match was undoubtedly made in heaven. It’s true!!. Most dishes having potatoes are the ones that you can have any time of the year and with finger-licking taste, such as Mashed potato. You have hardly noticed someone eating turkey other than thanksgiving. But regardless of the season, occasion, or event, everyone is up for some mashed potatoes. 

2. Mac n Cheese

One of the most sought-after and comforting foods of all time is Mac n cheese. It does not only fill you up in small portions but has extraordinary nutritional value as well. Unlike turkey, it doesn’t give you a choking feeling but you can enjoyably eat until you are stuffed. If noodles are added to the dish, this will make it a high-carb, high-sodium, and high-calorie dish. So, if you see mac n cheese at the table, you should look at your portion (or just don’t, we are not your gym instructor).

3. Green Bean Casserole

Whipped mushroom cream coated deeply in the beans and the crunchy onions and garlic essence…… if you are reading this while you are waiting for your lunch, then you might start drooling. The amazing taste with so few ingredients has made this dish one of the top 10 most popular Thanksgiving foods. Unfortunately, many times people use canned veggies to make the recipe in less time, which often makes it high in sodium. However, if you intend to make it with fresh ones, then be ready to gain a lot of nutrients like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, Calcium, and Fiber.

4. Stuffing

Stuffing is one of the mandatory dishes on a Thanksgiving dinner table. While everyone around the world where Thanksgiving is celebrated has their own secret recipes but mostly the dish contains bread. Add your favorite flavors to it with crust to make it a healthy pack full of nutritional qualities.

5. Turkey 

Turkey doesn’t need an introduction, especially at the time of thanksgiving. Everyone knows it’s the main dish but if you’re bored from the regular taste of turkey, then go for fried turkey this time with your favorite flavored sauce. Avoid roasting it in the oven and don’t let your mom do it. Why?

Hear Adam’s Slander thoughts on it and you would agree. 

6. Cranberry sauce

No, don’t tell us that you haven’t tried homemade cranberry sauce. Besides being amazingly delicious this dish is effortless to prepare. With each spoon, you will have unforgettable squirting berry flavors. Leave the canned sauces and try this homemade cranberry sauce and feel the difference. 

7. Pumpkin Pie

Another delicious dish in our top 10 Thanksgiving foods list is pumpkin pie. With loads of nutritional facts, it is some of those foods that are purely health-centric. Pumpkin contains potassium and Vitamin C which are both essential for healthy skin.

The first bite of this pie would be something that you have been waiting for the whole year. And the second bite – may be the last.

8. Creamy Corn for a crowd

Little humans love corn. Whether it’s sweet or creamy corn. It’s one of those finger-licking foods that kids attack on first. Make this sought-after dish this Thanksgiving and let those little monsters sit for a while and let others eat with peace.

9. Rolls

It’s hard to resist dinner rolls. Light-weight and airy with the aroma of butter and garlic… Mmmm!! They go with everything you like. Say it with cranberry sauce, your favorite apple jam or a garlic dip. Sweet, sour, or salty – whatever your sauce tastes like, they are too good to go with anything. Want them to be consumed alone?? Go for it!! We won’t stop you, and that is certain.

10. Bacon Sprouts

Last but certainly the best of all top 9 Thanksgiving foods. You may not in a liking list of Brussels sprouts, but you would definitely change your mind after having these delicious Bacon Sprouts. Savory and crunchy, these magnificently prepared Bacon Sprouts are mouth-watering. A must-try food item for Thanksgiving this time.


What do you think of these most loved and desirable top 10 Thanksgiving foods? We hope that you might not know about the benefits such foods have. Also, with these packs of nutrients and vitamins, you can expect to get some health benefits from them too. But of course, overeating can go wrong, this is why it is always better to keep your intake in moderation. 

Whether it is a Thanksgiving or any other occasion – food is there luring you to get it. But you should know when you should stop.

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