People are now looking for different apps for watching free movies on Xbox one because this gaming console is now not just a gaming console, but it has become much more than that. Obviously when it comes to movies, then people prefer to look online so that they can stream their favorite movies preferably for free. If you are an Xbox owner and would like to watch free movies on your gaming consoles, then read on about our list of apps that let you do just that.

People don’t prefer to watch movies on TV, because time has changed and no one has enough time to spend waiting for their favorite movie to show up only to keep getting disturbed by the ads during the movie. So, people have now turned their attention towards different free websites where they can watch any movie of their choice as per their convenience.

5 Best Apps for Watching Free Online Movie Streaming Sites on Xbox One

Right now, there are so many free movie streaming sites that allow you to watch your favorite movie or show it in high quality. But not all sites are equal and some may only keep bothering you with ads. Here’s our list of a few sites where you can watch free movies using your Xbox.

1. YouTube

Who isn’t aware of this video streaming platform. But do you know that you can watch movies for free by visiting the platform through your Xbox One? All you have to do is find the content you would want to watch, play it, and don’t forget to grab the popcorn. You can easily stream HD movies for free that are available on the platform.

This is an open platform where different users upload videos and movies of different qualities and you can choose the one according to your choice. If your selected movie is not available then it means that no one has uploaded it yet and you have to wait for a little, because someone would certainly come up with the high-quality movie of your choice real soon.

2. Hulu

This one is certainly not a free movie streaming app, but the price at which it provides movie streaming is equal to free. Hulu has a huge range of movies and TV shows that you can choose from. On this platform, you can watch almost any movie or TV show that you desire because they have a pretty huge directory for their subscribers.

There are two packages available, first one is premium that will cost you around $8 and then there is an advanced package that will cost around $12, so this cost is nothing if you compare to the HD movies that they are offering.

3. PopcornFlix

This one is probably the best platform for watching free movies for Xbox One. So, when it comes to free movie websites than for sure PopcornFlix is worth mentioning here because they are providing their HD movies directory free of cost to everyone around the world.

They have got every single movie that you can wonder, and the best part is that all these movies are available in HD quality.

4. Disney+

If you are looking for a service that provides you with almost free movie streaming, then this is just perfect for you. Disney+ is the first choice for everyone who wants to experience a fairytale because for several generations this has been an entertainment platform not just for kids but for adults as well.

So, with Disney+, they have moved a step forward, because now you can enjoy all Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and other content from other such production companies under one roof.

5. Netflix

Who isn’t aware of this platform where you can enjoy watching free movies on Xbox One? Now you might be thinking that how it is even possible to watch free movies on this platform that runs on a paid subscription model. Well basically to watch free movies on Netflix you need to get a subscription for a really small amount.

After paying the small amount of $15/month you will get a monthly subscription and access to the unlimited collection of movies, anime, and TV shows on Netflix. For most of you, this might be like a dream come true because Netflix has barely skipped any TV show or movie from their collection. All the movies are categorized according to your interest and choice of movies you have seen before.

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So, these were a few of those platforms where you can enjoy watching free movies on Xbox one either totally free of cost or after paying a small subscription fee. All these platforms have hundreds of different movies, and there might be a possibility that your favorite movie is not available on one of these sites, but do not get upset for that, because another one might have it for you.