Though a substantial amount of conservative websites can be found on the web effectively, it can still be a hard task to track down dependable sources. Some data on the web is simply intended to borrow your time and clicks, while some are actually informative pieces of material. We have narrowed down the reliable sources for conservative news and opinion to the following 10 conservative websites that can help you find authentic and recent news, stories, and editorials from the conservative writers and opinion holders.

The Washington Free Beacon

The Washington Free Beacon was launched in 2012. This site offers a wide range of new content that incorporates analytical news coverage, conservative reporting, and public stories. This website can come in handy for reading news articles regarding right-wing policies and enterprises. It routinely conveys strong data just as a few giggles, however, it must be known that it’s nowhere near an unprejudiced asset for gathering information.

The American Thinker

The American Thinker is an everyday online magazine discussing American governmental issues from a traditional point of view. Its conservative business has raised many questions on its general credibility.  Though this blog doesn’t specialize in illustrations, expressive recordings, or multimedia material, it will certainly surprise you with a lot of conservative assessment pieces. This blog organization additionally allows its consumers to join the conversation and post their own content.

National Review

Since its launch in 1955, National Review has assumed a huge part in the advancement of traditionalism in the United States, helping with characterizing its limits, while making itself a main voice on the American right. This conservative website has remained an important source for the moderate idea and is one of the main sites on international strategy data. You can register for the newsletters like Morning Jolt or News Editor’s Roundup to remain up to date. You can also find several editorials and policy reviews to understand the viewpoint of different traditionalist writers.

 The Blaze

The Blaze is an American media organization founded as a result of consolidation between TheBlaze and CRTV LLC. This website highlights breaking news, selective analysis, and other free substance made and conveyed in a news magazine design. It also provides video recordings on some occasions. Numerous pieces of Conservative News articles and opinions can be found on this website. The Blaze takes pride in itself for having direct patriotism in its delivery and straightforwardness.

PJ Media

Established in 2004, PJ Media, initially known as Pajamas Media, is an American membership-based website composed of exclusive opinions and commentary conveyed in section and blog design from various powerful conservatives. Following the conservative mindset, this site claims that defending and protecting “what made, and will continue to make, America great.” are its main objectives. PJ Media also covers politics, faith, religion, national security, and much more. Its reporters and columnists offer a great deal of in-depth analysis on various topics from the conservative point of view.


Twitchy is an American Twitter aggregator and analysis website established by a conservative savant Michelle Malkin in 2012. This website finds and features trending news stories, articles, and occasions posted on Twitter. It has a very entertaining way of displaying the best conservative tweets relevant to the trending stories. This conservative website has one section enlightening and one section engaging. It allows its readers to consume the information concisely without having to read unending news articles that make it hard to stay focused on the information. Twitchy’s Twitter account has over 246,000 active followers and a staggering amount of viewership on its website which makes it hard to not be considered when it comes to the main sources of conservative news and opinion.


RedState is an American conservative political blog, originally founded by Eric Erickson. Before 2007, it coordinated “RedState gatherings”, a late spring show for moderate activists and political activism which highlighted numerous conspicuous well-known individuals in conservative politics. The RedState blog and news source present complete and special conservative assessment pieces in a simple, blog-style design. It still holds a notable gathering every year that lawmakers and potential candidates for the presidency frequently go to try and influence the preservationists to decide in their favor.


Campaign Life Coalition founded LifeSiteNews in 1997. This conservative website was primarily established to promote anti-abortion views. Readers who are fond of reading everyday news and updates in regards to the culture of life should look at It offers a wide range of information on topics such as family, faith, and freedom. According to the website, its purpose is to provide accurate and balanced coverage on life, family, and culture matters. However, it has been labeled as “a known purveyor of misleading information” by a credible fact-checking website due to its prejudiced conservative opinions. This site has also received a lot of backlash due to its blatant views against same-sex relations by well-known LGBTQ+ magazines and newspapers. In its defense, it has always used conventional arguments derived from faith and culture to feed its conservative agenda.

The Federalist

The Federalist is centered around three essential topics: culture, politics, and religion. This publication offers stand-out content that is more unbiased than the average news site, although it is yet conservative-inclining. You may want to check out The Federalist if you enjoy reading about the counter-contentions as well as the primary interpretation of the story. During the Covid 19 pandemic, The Federalists made several publications containing bogus data or pseudoscience that were against the recommendations of public health experts and authorities.


RealClearPolitics is an American political news site and polling information aggregator founded in 2000 by a former trader John McIntyre and a former account executive Tom Bevan. The website highlights chosen political reports and commentaries from different news distributions along with detailed analysis from its own contributors. The site is quite conspicuous during the election periods due to its assemblage of polling data. Since the finish of 2017, Real Clear Politics has been noticed to have a rightward turn in its content. A 2020 Knight Foundation study suggested that RealClearPolitics is for the most part pursued by a conservative crowd, marginally inclined toward the right.