Those who love to explore nature often find solace in visiting natural hotspots like islands, forests, and deserts. But when it comes to vacation especially for a short duration, islands become our preferred choice due to their scenic beauty and amazing views. Hence, it is no surprise that whenever planning a vacation, island destinations are a preference of the majority.

If you are looking for options to be added to your travel list, here are the names of the top five US islands that we would recommend visiting.

1Santa Catalina, California

Santa Catalina or Catalina as it is commonly referred to, offers almost anything that one would expect from a perfect island vacation. Comfortable residential lodges, delicious seafood and a variety of water sports, you name it.

A unique recreational activity that visitors of this island may enjoy is taking a boat tour to watch whales in the ocean. The second part of this interesting tour involves shifting all those on board to smaller boats and taking them further in the sea to see the sea caves.

Besides, beach specific activities like parasailing and sunbathing are always an option. Thus, a vacation at this island would be nothing but memorable to say the least.

2Kauai, Hawaii

Those who love rainy weather will definitely find this location attractive. Reason being, that this US island receives rainfall on a daily basis. Therefore, it is no surprise that greenery is the defining element of this particular place. Unique flowers that may leave one mesmerized, abundance of trees, and wildlife that inhabits the area give this island a rainforest-like vibe.

Along with enjoying the naturally beautiful view, visitors must take a tour of Waimea Canyon State Park to have a look at one of the famous attractions, i.e., Waimea Canyon.

3Mountain Desert Island, Maine

Mountain Desert Island is a famous tourist spot known for being home to the Acadia National Park. Cadillac Mountain in this park serves as a hiking location and hence attracts many people all year round. However, visitors are particularly fascinated by the unconventional shops and mouth-watering cuisines at the Bar Harbor, which is a must-visit spot when travelling to Mountain Desert Island.

4Amelia Island, Florida

One of the best US islands in terms of scenic beauty, Amelia Island is densely populated with palm trees. Crystal clear waters of its beaches give the place a calm and serene vibe.

What makes this island unique is the fact that it is amongst limited beaches in the United States where horseback rides are allowed. Hence, if you do get a chance to visit the location, don’t miss your chance to enjoy a ride.

5Sea Island, Georgia

A perfect destination for those who prefer a luxurious experience, Sea Island is bound to spoil its visitors. The restaurants offer excellent service, mouth-watering cuisines and amazing hospitality.

Views of sequestered beach locations with great cocktails and amazing services by the hotel staff will make you want to stay back at this destination rather than going home. In short, all that can be said about Sea Island is that you have to visit the place for yourself in order to live the experience.