We all deserve a break and what would be a better way to spend time off from work, school, or household responsibilities than going on a vacation. However, the most difficult step when planning a leisure trip is not packing or making travel arrangements, but deciding which place to visit.

Therefore, we have done the hard work for you to identify top-rated vacation spots in North America.

1Wailea, Hawaii

With five different beaches, Wailea is surely a delightful sight for the ocean-lovers. It is an island where visitors will find everything from appetizing food and luxurious resorts to modern and well-maintained golf courses. What makes its beaches stand out is their unique crescent-like shape.

Furthermore, nearby locations may also provide additional leisure activities. Examples include Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve, which is just six miles away from Wailea. Here, visitors can enjoy the rare sight of a lava field and enjoy activities like snorkeling. Many other tourist attractions such as La Perouse Bay are also within reach. However, chances are that visitors will be so engrossed in the mesmerizing combination of serenity and exuberance of this location that they will hardly have time to think about going elsewhere during their limited stay.

2Springdale, Utah

Springdale is another top-rated vacation spot for someone who is adventurous and outdoorsy. It is particularly famous because of the nearby Zion National Park, which is a favorite amongst locals as well as visitors. Not only the park’s sandstone cliffs provide an amazing view, but it is also a venue for exciting events and activities such as hiking and bike rides. Additionally, it serves as a perfect shooting location for landscape photography.

What would make your stay in this small town particularly comfortable and memorable is the friendliness of the local community.

3Quebec City, Quebec

Those who have a special interest in history and culture will definitely enjoy their visit to Quebec city. The ancient sites and historic landmarks of the city tell captivating tales from the past.

One of the most popular locations of this top-rated vacation destination, where every tourist must enjoy a walk, is Dufferin Terrace. It is not only adjacent to the famous and historic hotel building of Chateau Frontenac but also provides a beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River.

An interesting fact for history lovers is that this sidewalk has been named after a Canadian governor-general, Lord Dufferin, who was extremely fond of Quebec City.

4Victoria, British ColumbiaThe capital of British Columbia, this destination will serve as a dream vacation spot for those who have special interest in arts and architecture. Art galleries decorated with unique and attention-grabbing creations, delicious cuisines and multiple gardens are defining features of this place. Not only this, but Victoria is also home to lakes and ocean. Thus, we can say that it offers a little something for everyone. No doubt it is one of the top-rated vacation destinations.

5Rosemont, Illinois

Once in a while there comes a moment when we are tired of our hectic routine and need an escape from the fast-paced urban lifestyle. Rosemont village is an ideal vacation spot for such times. Offering peace and calm that is peculiar to the countryside, this destination is located very near to Chicago. Warm welcome by the residents, sight of animals freely roaming around and a peaceful vibe of this village continue to attract visitors.