Selecting the best online stockbroker is the most challenging decision an investor must make. With the long lists of brokers available online, it can be difficult to choose the right one that meets all your needs and demands. 

After rigorous testing, we have identified the three best online stockbrokers for seniors. We have tested everything from commissions and cost to customer services and investment offerings and then compiled this list of suggestions for you. 

Top three best online stockbrokers

1) Ally Investment:

Ally Investment is best known for its consumer-friendly banking choices. In addition, it offers complete online banking and investment services. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced trader, Ally Investment provides the easiest ways to trade stocks. 

Why Ally is a preferred choice:

  • Ally investment offers the lowest commissions for stock trading.
  • It has no other hidden fees, commissions, and penalties.
  • It provides affordable stock options.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It allows you to make budget-friendly trades.
  • It manages your wealth using online research tools.
  • It allows you to make little investment from $1 to $1000 – as per your convenience.

Why is it best for seniors?

  • Ally Investment can handle all your work if you have no prior knowledge of stock trading and investment.
  • It has an intuitive online platform that is user-friendly for tech-savvy seniors.
  • It allows you to manage your assets via desktop, so you don’t have to rely on any software and apps.

2) E*Trade:

E*Trade being the first online stockbroker has been helping people manage their stocks and investment for decades. Even today, its services are at par with its competitors and as great as its long build reputation promises.

Why E*Trade is a preferred choice:

  • Having decades of experience, E*Trade can effortlessly handle any kind of investment.
  • From active traders to long-term investors, you will find everything on their platform. 

Why is it best for seniors?

  • It gives special offers to senior citizens, such as trading mutual funds and EFTs for free.
  • It provides low-cost fees and commission options to seniors.
  • Its web platform is easy to use
  • It provides basic to advanced options to seniors.
  • It helps you make a sound decision by providing resources like free market data, market commentary, and analyst research.

3) TD AmeriTrade:

TD is one of the top-rated online brokerage services that earned its name due to its quality services. It offers various financial products, investing tools, and excellent research options. TD Ameritrade provides the best support and access to first-timers while offering complete guidance to do investment research.

Why TD AmeriTrade is a preferred choice:

  • It provides research and screening for mutual funds, stock options, and investment opportunities to help seniors make informed decisions.
  • It allows you to access information from third-party sources to give you a deep understanding of what you’re investing in.
  • It provides all its services at reasonable fees and commissions with no account minimums.
  • It has a large fund selection to give its clients a wealth of choices to invest in stocks, mutual funds and go for complex contracts. 

Why is it best for seniors?

  • It provides seniors with a wealth of information, guidance, and research options to make intelligent investment choices.
  • It offers complete guidance to individuals unfamiliar with online brokerages.
  • It has physical branches nationwide to give face to face support at any time to its customers.

These are the 3 best online stockbrokers that allow you to trade stocks and grow your investments.