Joe Biden is likely to use the word “genocide” to characterize the Armenian atrocities

According to US officials, Joe Biden intends to use the term “genocide” in a presidential decree recognizing the deportation and massacres of thousands of Armenians by Ottoman Turks more than a century ago. Additionally, legislators and activists encouraged the president to permit the declaration on or before Saturday’s Remembrance Day of the Armenian Genocide. If Biden proceeds, he almost inevitably would encounter resistance from Turkey. It is to note that Turkey had pressed previous administrations to avoid the problem. Biden met with Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President, on Friday to discuss his plan.

Joe Biden is likely to use the word genocide to characterize the Armenian atrocitiesThe US and Turkish governments, on the other hand, made no reference to the

American effort to recognize the genocide in their respective comments following Friday’s call. For decades, US presidents have recognized Remembrance Day as a commemoration of the events of 1915–1923 but avoided using the term “genocide” in order to avoid alienating Turkey.

Long-awaited Return of Oscars on Sunday

Long-awaited Return of Oscars on SundayIt’s taken longer than average thanks to Hollywood’s efforts to navigate the worldwide pandemic, but the Academy Awards will return on Sunday with a vengeance.  Many eyes will be on the volatile best actress competition, which will include Viola Davis, Frances McDormand, Carey Mulligan, Andra Day, and Vanessa Kirby. The hostless ceremony will take place mainly at Los Angeles’ historic Union Station, with additional activities taking place at the show’s usual venue, the Dolby Theatre, and via satellite in other countries. And, indeed, a red carpet would be there.

Items Discovered Suggest a lost submarine that sank

On Saturday, Indonesia’s navy announced that objects from a lost submarine had been discovered, suggesting that the vessel with 53 crew members sunk and there was no chance of seeking survivors.

Items Discovered Suggest a lost submarine that sankNavy Chief Yudo Margono said rescuers discovered many objects from the KRI

Nanggala 402, which vanished after its last confirmed dive off the resort island of Bali on Wednesday, including pieces of a torpedo straightener, a grease container suspected to have been used to oil the periscope, and prayer rugs.

The origin of the absence remains unknown at this time.

According to the navy, an electrical malfunction may have rendered the submarine incapable of executing immediate resurfacing procedures.

South to Expect Severe Weather

Over the next couple of days, severe storms capable of producing big, damaging winds, devastating hail, tornadoes, and heavy rain capable of causing flash flooding are expected to form across the Southern Plains and Deep South.

Storms were forecast to erupt Friday, and storms would intensify again on

Saturday, extending to western South Carolina and the Florida Panhandle. Tornadoes are also likely Saturday across eastern Louisiana and into the coastal Carolinas.

South to Expect Severe WeatherSaturday will also bring storms to cities such as Alabama, Atlanta, and Birmingham.

These storms are expected to dump 2 to 4 inches of rain over the southern United States, which could result in flooding. Urban areas, highways, and tiny streams would also be particularly prone to floods.

Memorial Event for the Legendary Rapper DMX

A remembrance ceremony honoring DMX’s legacy and life will be held in New York on Saturday. Though the event will be exclusive to near friends and relatives, it will be streaming live to the public at 4 p.m. on DMX’s official YouTube channel. Following the show, the network would praise him by airing films and documentaries starring DMX. Earl Simmons’ family has confirmed that DMX, Earl Simmons, passed away in an unfortunate accident on April 2 after a month in a hospital and for his illness lingered for around a week.