48-year-old actress Tori Spelling revealed a lot about her lavish and unusual childhood in the newest episode ‘Mansion for Sale / Back to School‘ of her podcast called “90210MG.” The actress told the listeners that her parents hosted British royal family member, Prince Charles of Wales for a party in their mansion, when she was a young teenager.

Tori Spelling lived in the famous Holmby Hills villa with her parents, film producer Aaron Spelling and author Candy Spelling. The family starred in the hit Drama ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ the namesake for Spelling’s current podcast where she talks about her time during and after.

She exclaimed that her mother hosted only a couple of parties at the mansion, also referred to as ‘Candyland’, after Candy Spelling. Tori Spelling said one of those parties had a royal guest, “The first party, and one of her only parties, was for Prince Charles. When he came to town, he wanted to have it there!.”

She continued by mentioning her father, “I’d love to take my kids there and be like, ‘Yeah, this is grandpa’s house.’ Because they would have loved to have met him,” adding that he was not fond of living lavishly but rather made that house for Spelling’s mom, “He really built that because it was my mom’s dream, and he wanted her to be happy. He was so in love with her.”

She also clarified that people assume she lived her whole life in that house when she only spent a couple of years there as the move happened when she was seventeen, “The biggest misconception is that I grew up in the house. We moved there when I was like 17. So I spent like two years there.” She added, “I never saw every room, and I lived there for two years. There was a wing that all of my mom’s staff lived in.”

Despite that, Tori Spelling didn’t forget to mention how much sentimentality the house holds for her. Candy Spelling sold the house in 2009, while in 2019 it was resold for a whooping $120 million. The Los Angeles Times reports the mansion is once again back for sale, now landing at $165 million.