Some critical developments have taken place around the country from the Tornado death toll, findings in the omicron variant, U.S. Olympic controversy with Larry Nassar and an Antarctic ice problem. Here are the top stories to know.

Kentucky Tornado Disaster

Kentucky, which was the hardest hit during the natural disaster on Friday, has the highest Tornado death toll with 74 casualties. The total death toll has reached 88 so far, reaching the initial numbers of people that were feared dead during the tornado warning. Illinois and Tennessee were among further states where Biden declared national emergency to send federal aid.

Omicron new developments

Findings regarding research on the new Covid variant “Omicron” show the mutation to have milder symptoms. After initial Omicron cases were found in the country, officials in various states reinstated mask mandates to slow the spread of the new mutation. In addition, the Supreme Court did not stop the vaccine mandate for health care workers in New York.

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee

In a landmark settlement with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and USA Gymnastics, hundreds of athletes who sued Larry Nassar for molestation and sexual misconduct will recieve $380 million along with many nonmonetary provisions fulfilled.

Antarctic ice could fall within five years

Scientists have declared a crucial development due to a warmer climate; Antarctic ice could fall within five years melting icebergs caused by global warming. The Florida-sized glacier, if it breaks, could raise sea levels by several feet, putting millions of people living along coastlines in imminent danger.

Elon Musk being declared Time’s “Person of the Year”

While the Tornado death toll is among the most devastating news, the most annoying news comes with Elon Musk being declared Time’s “Person of the Year” the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is anything but inspirational as he and his business has been part of several controversies throughout the year. “Person of the Year is a marker of influence, and few individuals have had more influence than Musk on life on Earth, and potentially life off Earth too,” wrote Time in their profile for Musk which has caused a severe criticism of the cultural magazine.