A tragic single-vehicle accident has left four people dead and two severely injured. The crash happened around 2.24 pm on Saturday, near Hickory Hills, Illinois.  According to police officials, there were six people in the car when the vehicle swerved upon losing control and hit a tree.

The victims of the single-vehicle accident have not been identified. However, officials said two people died on the spot, while the other two have been rushed to the hospital for treatment. The condition of the remaining two individuals remains undisclosed.

At present, police officials have been directing all their efforts to deduce the circumstances that led to the incident. A bystander has been reported to tell WLS that the outcome of the incident was not only astounding but also devastating in all aspects.

The single-vehicle accident was so harsh that it ended up splitting the entire vehicle in half. In conversation with WLS, Joanna Proszek said that it was the first time she saw an accident so bad and one that left the entire vehicle destroyed and beyond repair.

“It was bad, tragic. I think they just, like, started flying because there is a hill. So, I am thinking they just revved up the engine and they just flew into the tree,” said Proszek to WLS. Although speed is noted to be one of the key factors in the incident, the authorities are still concluding the root cause of the crash that took the lives of two and left several injured.