In a new development in the recent Astroworld tragedy, singer Travis Scott has found new ways to deny responsibility for the events that unfolded. After news of Scott attending the after-party event hosted by Drake broke out, sources close to the singer are claiming he was unaware of the “severity of the situation”.

Even though there are videos by audience members who recorded Travis Scott continuing to perform while medical aid was being given right in front of him, the rapper has previously denied being aware of the incident while he was performing. TMZ has recently reported, the rapper claims to be unaware of the tragedy when he proceeded to go directly from the concert to the after-party.

“Travis didn’t know the severity of the situation when he arrived at the party, as far as timing, this remains consistent with the fact that no one including the police had publicly confirmed the gravity of the events that had taken place.” a source told TMZ.

Drake, who is also on Travis Scott’s album for the song ‘Sicko Mode’, appeared at the Astroworld Fest event as a surprise guest performer. No official statement has been released, apart from an Instagram post, by the Certified Lover Boy singer, but sources close to him are bent on a similar response as Scott’s team, that he was unaware of the tragic death of 8 people in the mosh pit where he performed.

The 8 people who died during the concert include the youngest attendee who was just 14 years old. Both Drake and Travis Scott, along with the producer and management are being sued by attendees in the audience and family members of those that died in the crush and stampede.

BBC Radio 5 Live reported Lucas Naccarati who attended the festival, telling them the situation was bad as soon as the singer came out, within 3 minutes he “was pretty sure people [were] going to be dying. You couldn’t move, you couldn’t scratch your own face, [that’s how] tight it was.”

Tony Buzbee, a Houston based lawyer is filing the lawsuit on behalf of 35 plaintiffs due to the “gross negligence” that led to this tragic incident, with Travis Scott especially being sued for “inciting the crowd.” 8 deaths have been reported from the incident, where medical staff transported 17 audience members to the hospital, 11 of them for cardiac arrest, with hundreds injured at the location. The Washington Post reported that the event seemed to continue for more than an hour after the incident started.