A week has passed since the Astroworld festival tragedy and America is mourning over the 9 precious deaths lost in the stampede caused by chaos and desperation at the Travis Scott concert.

Days later, many survivors have filed lawsuits against the American rapper Travis Scott. One of the lawsuits filed against Travis Scott is by the family of Axel Acosta who lost his life due to the injuries succumbed at the Astroworld festival.

Axel Acosta’s family is represented by attorney Tony Buzbee who stated that “all signs are pointing to Travis and the rest of the festival lineup going to great lengths to protect themselves from the crowd, and not putting nearly enough resources into crowd safety.”

Attorney Buzbee stated that Axel was a resident of Washington and he traveled all the way to Houston to attend the festival as he loved Travis so much, but clearly the love was not mutual.

Buzbee further stated that Travis and other artists are full of it when they say they love their fans because if they really did, they would implement better safety measures at shows. Especially when they’re massive 50,000-fan events like Astroworld was.

Travis Scott has announced plans to cover the funeral costs for all the people who lost their lives in the Astroworld festival tragedy. He also vouched to provide mental health services to anybody who has been psychologically impacted by the tragedy.

Attorney of Alex Acosta stated that these are hollow claims made by the singer as no one has contacted the family of Acosta and they don’t expect Travis making any contribution to the funeral of Axel.

On the other hand, the camp of Travis Scott stated that “they have been actively exploring routes of connection with each and every family affected by the tragedy through the appropriate liaisons.” The camp also stated that the families of the victims can contact Travis Scott camp directly.

Axel’s attorney claims that the police deployed at the venue of the festival were not fully equipped to deal with a riot. It stated that the cops had absolutely no control over the crowd and even the extra 300 police officers were unable to control the crowd of thousands which resulted in deaths and injuries to many. He further claimed that Travis Scott loves himself too much to think about his fans. He was concerned about his own safety therefore it is hard to believe that the camp Travis Scott will be compensating any of the deceased’s families or the injured individuals.