Travis Scott is in hot waters after the Astroworld festival tragedy that killed 10 people and injured more than 300.

The troubles of renowned rapper Travis Scott keep on increasing as one after another lawsuit is filed against him after the tragic Astroworld festival.

The latest from the legal world is a Buzbee law firm hailing from Houston has filed a lawsuit of more than $750 million against Travis Scott, Apple Music, Epic Records, Live Nation, and Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation as well as ASM global and ScoreMore on behalf of 125 attendees of the tragedy. The list of 125 victims also includes Axel Acosta who lost his life on November 5th at the Astroworld festival.

According to the lawsuit, “The victims on that night went to Astroworld for fun. Neither they nor their families were ever warned that they were walking into an extremely dangerous situation,” the lawsuit alleges. “The deaths and injuries that occurred were needless and senseless, and the suffering caused the families and all others involved will be endless.”

The lawsuit describes the grave details of the death of Axel Acosta stating “Axel was crushed by the incited, unruly and out-of-control crowd with such force that he could no longer breath,” alleging that “with such force that the air in his lungs was literally slowly squeezed out of him, sending his heart into cardiac arrest.”

“He lay lifeless on the wet, littered grass at the edge of the chaos,” the document stated, “while frantic and understaffed medical professionals worked to restart his heart—to no avail. Axel died that night on the muddy ground at a concert he attended for fun.”

The lawsuit accuses Travis Scott of continuing the show and performing on stage as well as Apple Music to keep on streaming the show live for another 40 minutes while Axel Acosta was lying on the ground, dying second by second.

The lawsuit is filed on grounds of “damages for the loss of mental and physical health and human life.”

No response has been made by Travis Scott or any of the other parties named in the lawsuit.