After hitting Cuba, the Ida Hurricane was already expected to hit Louisiana on Sunday. This was the same day when Hurricane Katrina, the extremely hazardous hurricane hit the state 16 years ago – The similar 4th-degree storm that the people of Louisiana and Mississippi ever witnessed.

According to the updates shared by the National Hurricane Center, after slamming Louisiana on Sunday with the 4th category storm, Ida has now been declassified and cited as a tropical hurricane on Monday morning.

Fortunately, the 4th-degree storm did not cost many lives, and till now it is blamed for the loss of one. The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s office confirmed the death caused by the storm this Sunday – a man injured by the fallen tree, who could not be identified and was pronounced dead in Prairieville. The city is located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. With the updated radar images, it can be clearly seen that the Ida has passed the suburbs close by.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said late Sunday in a statement that, one death has been confirmed yet, but they are expecting to hear some more news about the death count as the Ida hurricane hit hazardously hard.

“Thousands of our people are without power and there is untold damage to property across the impacted parishes.”

President Joe Biden and Governor Louisiana Edward have officially confirmed Ida to be a disaster and are trying to cope with the damage by supporting through federal funds to speed up the recovery efforts which began to process Monday morning.

Strong terrifying Ida winds when approached shoreward, flipped the heavy trucks and snapped trees from the grounds. It’s considered to be the fifth-strongest storm that hit the US land after Katrina, which ravaged Louisiana 16 years earlier.

Significant flooding and heavy tides were confirmed last Sunday in LaPlace, adjacent to Pontchartrain Lake, said New Orleans’ meteorologists. With every heavy strike, people took to social media pleading to send boats and rescues as the water began to rise.

Till now, more than one million people are with no power in Louisiana. A very similar situation was found in Mississippi, where over 40,000 people are still waiting for help to bring the power back, according to nationwide outrage tracker, 

Researchers have found out that the average intensification of frequent Hurricanes is rapidly increasing because the oceans that usually provide energy to these intense Hurricanes are getting warmer due to the greenhouse gas releases. And Ida will eventually get stronger as the Gulf becomes warmer till the end of summer.

As Ida was declassed from the 4th-degree hurricane this Monday morning, unruly heavy rains and winds came to their maximum of 60 mph 7 and were confined to southwest of Jackson, Mississippi with 95 miles south.

The strong winds threw away the roof of the lady of the Sea General Hospital, Louisiana where the authorities had not confirmed any death or injuries.

Governor Edward confessed that the state will face challenging weeks ahead, acknowledging clearly that Ida slammed Louisiana with all its power. He is expecting levees to come forward and help Louisiana to rebuild the state and minimize the damage by coming forward as they did at the time of Katrina.