Donald Trump is not happy with the results of the elections 2020 and is not accepting the defeat against Joe Biden. Amidst all these crises, Trump has decided to campaign for the Republicans contesting Georgia runoffs.

Trump and the First Lady are ready to campaign for the Republicans to help them win and secure a majority in the Senate. They are to reach Lowndes County, which is essentially a Republican region and they will address the people there.

Trump is taking out his revenge on the people who have certified his defeat against Joe Biden in the presidential elections. It is one of the reasons that Brian Kemp was intentionally being called at the very last moment.

The reason behind the fear of Republicans that they may lose the elections is Trump himself. Republicans fear that Trump will steal the show and use it to highlight the fraudulent activities in the presidential elections.

Their fears are highly justified, because Trump has occasionally mentioned the fraud in the presidential elections. This will affect the image of the Republicans who are running for the Senate.

Ossoff and Warnock are representing Democrats in the Senate elections against Loeffler and Perdue. These elections are going to be the bone of contention between the two parties as it will decide who will control the Senate.

If the Democrats win these two seats, they are going to seize power in the Senate using Kamala Harris’s vote. At the same time, the Republicans are pushing hard to win these two seats from Democrats.

Trump’s nature of talking about his presidential elections and the fraudulent activities is going to damage the elections. His constant debate can dent the chances of winning of his fellow Republicans in Georgia.

He can make an immense impact by talking about the two Republicans who are representing the party in Georgia. He can promote his fellows by pointing out their good characteristics and increase their chances of winning.

After Trump has decided to promote his Georgian fellows in the elections, Joe Biden is also jumping on the bandwagon. He has fastened the seat belt to promote his two Democrat candidates in the state of Georgia.

Barack Obama is also seen actively promoting Ossoff and Warnock for the Senate elections in January. This strengthens the position of Democrats in the state of Georgia as the president-elect and a former president support them.