President Trump’s last effort to nullify Pennsylvania’s election results cumulated in him handing the case over to Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York. However, the allegations by Trump Campaign have baffled US District Judge Matthew Brann as he couldn’t make sense of the arguments being presented during the hours-long hearing in Williamsport.

Trump has made allegations that the elections were unfair and Democrats have rigged the elections. This lawsuit was an attempt of the Trump campaign to stop Pennsylvania from certifying its final vote tally.

It is the first time in nearly 30 years that Rudy Giuliani stepped into a courtroom and it was evident that he was struggling to present his arguments. Instead of responding to the judge’s question, he continued to make bold claims about the voting fraud.

Since the hearing took longer than expected, Judge Brann decided against giving a verdict to conclude the matter but he did cancel Thursday’s hearing. Trump’s lawyers were counting on the next hearing to present their witnesses who will testify in court that they have witnessed fraud during the vote-counting process in Philadelphia.

overturning Pennsylvania’s Election Results Greeted With Skepticism In CourtWith Trump’s rejected lawsuits in the other states, Giuliani was what seemed to be his last strong suit. However, with the growing importance of this case, it is becoming evident that Trump will lose as Biden has an advantage of 73,000 votes and the vote count is rapidly coming to conclusion.

Contrary to the Trump campaign’s central agenda of exposing the inconsistencies in Pennsylvania’s vote casting and counting process, there has been no proof to date of any illegally casted ballot. Another matter that was zeroed in upon was where some voters with flawed ballots were notified and were given the chance to rectify their votes before Election Day or cast a provincial ballot in person at the polls. Trump’s lawyer argued that the practice is unlawful and unfair as not all the voters were given this choice. Yet the lawyer representing the secretary of the state maintained that these guidelines were issued to all 67 counties of Philadelphia and that the law doesn’t prohibit informing the voters if their ballot is flawed.

Giuliani also mentioned testimonies from monitors who reported they were not given access to monitor the vote-counting process in some areas. However, there’s a Supreme Court ruling on the matter where it clearly says that only partisan monitors are granted access to counting rooms. The rest of Trump’s claims were refuted in a 30-minute presentation.