Trump recently tweeted about Joe Biden, admitting for the first time that he has won the election.

However, this was not a formal concession of the presidential election. Trump continues to deny that the president-elect won even though he scored a victory of 306-232, a result that has been announced by numerous media organizations.

He added in his tweet that Biden rigged the election, which was the only reason he won. He did level a lot of allegations regarding voter fraud, which he believes firmly like no observers were allowed for poll-watching, the votes were counted by an organization that is owned by the Radical Left, which he claims doesn’t have equipment that’s up to the mark.

iden won – But Repeats the Baseless Vote fraud ClaimHe also continued to criticize the media, calling it ‘fake and silent’. Twitter has been tagging his tweets to prevent misinformation, labeling the tweet with a warning that this claim is disputed.

According to NBC News, a Republican governor and an anonymous White House official both remarked that Trump admitting Biden won could be the beginning of him eventually acknowledging the reality of the situation.

However, Trump immediately tweeted against this that Biden only won according to the media, which reported fake news. He also continues to add that he has not conceded the election because they were rigged.

Experts and analysts believe otherwise. In Georgia, the ballots are being recounted, which Trump isn’t satisfied with either because he believes it’s a scam. However, it is very unlikely the recount will change the previous outcome.

Meanwhile, in Delaware, Biden is focusing on encouraging the country to strictly follow coronavirus SOPs to fight the rapidly growing cases all across the nation. However, Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his victory is proving to be a hindrance to his efforts.

Transition funds are not being provided and national security briefings are also being delayed. Biden’s chief of staff explains that if the transition efforts and not signed off by the federal government, the briefings will remain at a halt and the coronavirus crisis will continue to worsen.

A smooth transition is essential, especially during this crisis as well as when the vaccine is being distributed. However, a major problem is that many of the Republican elected officials in Congress believe Trump’s claims of voter fraud. His influence will not dissipate for a long time even after he has finally conceded the election.