Donald Trump is infuriated after the highest court of Pennsylvania rejected a Republican appeal to dismiss 2.5 million mail-in ballots, which would have delayed the certification of election results in the state.

Several lawsuits filed by Trump’s legal team have been unsuccessful and many judges have reprimanded his lawyers for not providing substantial evidence for their claims.

Trump’s chances of overturning the election results are increasingly diminishing as multiple states continue to certify their election results. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been preparing to assume office in January and the green light to begin the transition has already been given. He has started recruiting and appointing members for his administration.

Trump recently appeared on the media, for the first time since the results of the presidential election came out, in an interview with Fox News Sunday Morning Futures. He claims that the courts are responsible for their failing lawsuits, which many believe are only unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.

Trump Blames Courts For His Legal Team’s Failed Lawsuits-minHe proceeded to add that the courts accuse them of not having any proof while they are not allowing his team to present evidence in the court. He claims that they have hundreds of affidavits in their possession, but has not provided any details on the evidence that his legal team has.

Several Republicans and Trump’s campaign teams are claiming that the states allegedly permitted voters to mail in their ballots even after the Election Day, without substantial evidence.

The Trump campaign has been filing lawsuit after lawsuit in multiple key battleground states. In Pennsylvania, one of their cases challenging a change in Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting law was rejected, because it was filed only after the election when the law was initially changed months ago.

A district judge compared Trump’s lawsuits to the ‘Frankenstein monster’ considering how haphazard and disorganized they are. A federal appeals court also agreed with this judge and rejected another lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

Trump’s legal team has also filed lawsuits in other states including Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin claiming that the election was rigged in a collective effort by the federal court system, the Justice Department, and the FBI.

The Trump campaign’s request for a recount in the counties of Dane and Milwaukee  resulted in Biden gaining even more votes, 257 to Trump’s 125, in the 400 recovered ballots that were uncounted. The counties have now certified their results after finishing the recount.