Trump has shown no interest in ensuring a smooth transition of power and is instead ignoring the Biden administration and focusing on his voter fraud allegations.

The Trump administration has not gotten in touch with Biden’s team yet. His team has not been given any briefs by the White House or federal agencies.

Trump’s team has not released any information about the coronavirus, conflict with China and Iran, or the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. There have been no security clearances or background checks being carried out for possible members of Biden’s staff.

Many Republicans predict that the stonewalling will continue until the election results are officially certified in December. Trump’s team plans to focus their efforts on filing lawsuits and propagate voter fraud allegations until then.

According to officials who have worked under both Republicans and Democrats, this approach could be very dangerous as when Biden assumes office in January, he will be administering a workforce consisting of millions of people without any information or preparation.

f, Refusing Transition of Power In Unprecedented WaysThey also continued that this may hurt the United States’ foreign image as well because the country is seen as a superpower but now it cannot ensure a smooth and peaceful transition of power.

Former chief of staff to George W. Bush explains that it is essential for America’s foreign image that a professional transfer of power occurs. He was previously a part of three other presidential transitions.

He continues that previously in 2000, a recount dispute took place in Florida that would be a determining factor in who would be elected president. However, at the time Bill Clinton’s staff ensured that Bush receive national security briefings.

Biden’s victory was announced four days after the presidential election when he was leading by 306 Electoral College votes. However, the head of the General Services Administration refused to acknowledge this as it would lead to Biden’s team having access to federal resources.

Biden and his team are trying their best to keep the work going despite these continuous hurdles. He has launched agency review teams, hired staff, and also gotten in touch with federal employees that previously worked for the former President Obama.

They have also tried to contact state and local officials; however, many Republicans including the Senate Majority leader are denying Biden’s victory.