Former President Donald Trump’s controversial behavior on social media forced Twitter and Facebook to block him from their respective platforms. Soon after, he started his own blog, where he shared his provocative sentiments without the fear of an audit. However, the infamous “Trump blog” has shut down after a month of being live.

The page “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” has been permanently removed from his website and “will not be returning” ever, his senior aide Jason Miller told CNBC. When questioned upon the sudden decision to end the Trump blog, Miller made an attempt to downplay the entire situation and called it an “auxiliary to the broader efforts” that the team has been working on.

Miller refused to give out further details about the ‘efforts’ in question. Later, when asked if the move was just a ‘precursor’ to the Former President going live on another social media platform, Miller replied in an affirmative: “Yes, actually, it is. Stay tuned!”

Bid farewell to Trump’s blog and ‘stay tuned’ for something similar on another social media platformDuring and after the election campaign, Trump never accepted his defeat to Joe Biden, and falsely claimed on social media about the elections being stolen from him on the basis of large-scale fraud. He was later booted from Facebook and Twitter post the January 6 Capitol riot allegedly organized by his supporters.

Time and time again, Trump and his loyal supporters have made allegations of political bias and censorship against social media companies. He had always teased the idea of opening up his own platform, which would be home to his own political opinions and muddled perspectives.

Ultimately, he unveiled a section on his website last month that popularly came to be known as the Trump blog. Originally released as a new “communications platform,” the blog failed to do what it promised – taking down the social media giants as a whole.

A report generated by the Washington Post contains detailed statistics about the blog’s poor reach, as compared to Trump’s tweets that reached people far and wide. In the last week, web metrics proved that the blog “had been shared to Facebook on average fewer than 2,000 times a day — a staggering drop from [Trump’s tweets] last year,” noted the Post.

Moreover, Trump’s blog struggled to find its loyal followers that had a total population of over 10 million on his Twitter account. Data elicited by NBC News in collaboration with Buzz Sumo revealed that his blog failed to come close to the reach garnered by his former Twitter account.

After being replaced in office by Joe Biden, Trump has only made a few public appearances and given interviews to specific media outlets only. On Wednesday, Trump, now devoid of a blog, took to PAC to share a new statement that called out GOP Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona for being a “RINO”- Republican in name only.