Former President, Donald Trump has termed President Joe Biden’s first month in the Oval Office as “the most disastrous” in modern history. According to him the current policies of the Biden Administration are meant for the far-left, which is like cheating the next generation of Americans. He openly criticized President Biden’s immigration policy, current vaccination drive, and move to reopen the schools amidst a pandemic.

Former President Donald Trump broke the silence with a two-hour-long speech at the CPAC. The main agenda of the conference was to insist that the Republicans are united.

In his speech at the four-day Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, he insisted that the Republican party is united and he has no intention of starting a new party of his own. He can easily crush a small division of a handful of RINO. RINO is a term that stands for Republican in name only, is bashing for those members whose activities are not aligned with the party’s manifesto.

The decision to allow Trump to conclude the conference has created a division among the Republican leaders. There are many who want to see the party without Trump.

The CPAC management went forward with Trump concluding the conference after a whopping 55% showed their support for electing Trump as the face of the Republican Party in general elections 2024.

Donald Trump is famous for holding grudges and that is exactly what he did by naming all the Republicans who voted to convict him in the second impeachment trial. He criticized them openly suggesting that members like them will destroy the party and should be removed immediately.

Trump smashed the media calling them toxic. During his speech, he criticized different moves made by President Biden, such as lifting the travel restrictions from most of the Muslim countries like Iran, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, and withdrawing the United Nations sanctions on Iran. He stated that all of these policies will lead America in a downward slump, the reason being the election rigging in November 2020.

Former President Donald Trump vowed to continue fighting with the help and support of fellow Republicans. He claimed that he was there to do what was right and that was to win.

He pledged that he plans on contesting the 2024 general elections, and will defeat the Democrats to make America great again.